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Coordinates: 54°22′01″N 4°26′42″W / 54.367°N 4.445°W / 54.367; -4.445

Parish of Andreas

Andreas is a parish in the sheading of Ayre in the north of the Isle of Man. The other two parishes in Ayre are Bride and Lezayre.[1] Andreas borders Jurby to the west, Bride to the east and Lezayre to the south. The Irish Sea is to the north.


The parish is low-lying. The most significant inland water feature is the Lhen Trench, which runs for about 7 km north-south, in parallel with the boundary with Jurby. To the north the Scottish Southern Uplands and the Mull of Galloway can sometimes clearly be seen. The total area is about 15 square miles (39 km2).

The village of Andreas or Kirk Andreas is the only significant settlement in the parish. The nearest town, Ramsey, is 4 miles or 6 km away.

Politically it is part of the Ayre & Michael constituency, which elects two MHKs.


The Isle of Man census 2006 lists the parish population as 1,381, increased from the population of 1,152 in 2001.[2]

Andreas Airfield[edit]

Near the middle of the parish is the former RAF Andreas airfield. It is home to a small number of privately owned light aircraft and also used by a gliding club.


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