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Andreas Eschbach
Eschbach in 2014
Eschbach in 2014
Born (1959-09-15) 15 September 1959 (age 59)
Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany
Occupation Novelist
Genre Science fiction, thriller
Notable works Jesus Video, Eine Billion Dollar, Herr aller Dinge

Andreas Eschbach (born 15 September 1959, in Ulm) is a German writer, primarily of science fiction. His stories that are not clearly in the SF genre usually feature elements of the fantastic.


Eschbach studied aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart and later worked as a software engineer. He has been writing since he was 12 years old. His first professional publication was the short story Dolls, published in 1991 in German computing magazine C't. His first novel was published in 1995. Seven of his novels have won the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis, one of the most prestigious awards in the German SF scene. Four of his novels have won the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis.

His novels have also been translated into a number of languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish and Japanese.

In 2002, his novel Jesus Video was adapted for German television. In 2003, his novel Eine Billion Dollar was adapted for German radio. His only novels translated into English was Die Haarteppichknüpfer, published in 2005 as The Carpet Makers, and Herr aller Dinge, published in 2014 as Lord of All Things.



Young Adult novels[edit]

  1. Das ferne Leuchten (2005), ISBN 3-401-05749-9 (new edition of Das Marsprojekt)
  2. Die blauen Türme (2005), ISBN 3-401-05770-7
  3. Die gläsernen Höhlen (2006), ISBN 3-401-05867-3
  4. Die steinernen Schatten (2007), ISBN 978-3-401-06060-6
  5. Die schlafenden Hüter (2008), ISBN 978-3-401-06061-3
  6. Gibt es Leben auf dem Mars oder Das Marsprojekt – der flüsternde Sturm (2009), ISBN 978-3-401-06366-9 (a short story-length prequel to the Marsprojekt-series)
  1. Black*Out (2010), ISBN 978-3-401-06062-0
  2. Hide*Out (2011), ISBN 978-3-401-06587-8
  3. Time*Out (2012), ISBN 978-3-401-06630-1


Short story collection[edit]


  • Perry Rhodan series
    • #1935 Der Gesang der Stille (1998)
    • #2295 Die Rückkehr (2005)
    • #2503 Die Falle von Dhogar (2009)
    • Stellaris #25 Ein unbedeutender Mann (published in Perry Rhodan #2614, 2011)
    • #2700 Der Techno-Mond (2013)
    • #2812 Willkommen im Tamanium! (2015)
    • #2813 An Rhodans Grab (2015)
  • Das Buch von der Zukunft: Ein Reiseführer (2004), ISBN 3-87134-476-1, non-fiction

Further reading[edit]

  • Sonja Fritzsche: Eco-Eschbach. Sustainability in the Science Fiction of Andreas Eschbach, in: Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit. Studies in Modern German Fiction, ed. Bruce B. Campbell, Alison Guenther-Pal, Vibeke Rützou Petersen; Camden House, Rochester/NY 2014. S. 67–87. ISBN 978-1-57113-593-3

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