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Andreas Fugger (1406 or 1397, Augsburg - 1457, Augsburg), known as "der Reiche", was a German businessman. He was the oldest son of Hans Fugger and Elisabeth Gfattermann, making him the elder brother of Jakob Fugger the Elder. He was the founder of the Fugger vom Reh branch of the Fugger family. His wife was Barbara Stammler vom Ast (1415/20-1476), a daughter of a rich salesman from Augsburg. Andreas was a very successful and able businessman, so he was called "Andreas der Reiche". He was the first member of the Fugger family who became a businessman. All the other family members were craftsmen at this time. Andreas Fugger and his wife had four sons, Jakob (about 1430-1505), Lukas the Elder (1439-1512), Matthäus (1442-1489/92) and Hans the Elder (1443-1501). They were the founders of the four main lines of the "Fugger vom Reh". The only existent line today is represented by the descendants of Matthäus Fugger. The current patriarch is Markus Fugger von dem Rech (born 1970).

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