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Andreas Khol in the press center of the Austrian parliament in 2006

Andreas Khol (born July 14, 1941, (age 73) in Bergen, Germany) is an Austrian politician of the center-conservative Austrian People's Party, President of the National Council from 2002 to 2006.

Andreas Khol was raised in the town of Sterzing in South Tyrol, Italy, but his family eventually relocated to Innsbruck, Austria, where Khol attended school (Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck) and served as a Boy Scout.[1] Trained as a lawyer, Andreas Khol achieved a habilitation in constitutional law as a student of Felix Ermacora. One of the most senior politicians of his party, he held the position of the first president of the National Council of Austria between 2002 and 2006. Along with former chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, he holds considerable power within the Austrian People's Party.

A member of A.V. Raeto-Bavaria Innsbruck, a Catholic fraternity that belongs to the Cartellverband, Andreas Khol is known to be religious and has often voiced conservative opinions on social policy. He represents the Catholic-conservative wing of his party. His youngest son Julian is an internationally-known male model and married with German TV host Nazan Eckes.


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