Andreas Kopasis

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Andreas Kopasis
Andreas Kopasis, Prince of Samos.jpg
Prince of Samos
In office
January 1908 – 22 March 1912
Preceded byGeorgios Georgiadis
Succeeded byGrigorios Vegleris
Personal details
Died22 March 1912

Andreas Kopasis was the Ottoman-appointed Prince of Samos from 1908 to 1912. His tenure was widely regarded as pro-Turkish and tyrannical. His bringing in of additional Ottoman troops in 1908 caused a revolt to break out among the Samians, which was quelled brutally by further Ottoman reinforcements. The leaders of the pro-Greek opposition, including Themistoklis Sophoulis, fled the island for Greece. Kopasis was assassinated by a pro-Sophoulis agent on 22 March 1912.