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Andreas Landmark (14 April 1769 – 2 December 1839) was a Norwegian politician.

Personal life[edit]

He was born in Christiania to Nils Svensson and Karen Andersdatter Killerud.[1] His brother was Nils Landmark. Contrary to some sources, he was not born with the name Landmark, but some of the children took the name as grown-ups.[2]

He married Jacobine Caroline Wind (1733–1833). They had nine children, although at least one died young. One of their sons were Jens Landmark,[1] known as a military officer and politician.[3]

His wife, born in Borgund near Aalesund, was a distant relative of the brothers Peter Daniel Baade Wind Kildal and Peter Wessel Wind Kildal.


Andreas Landmark worked as a bailiff (foged) in Søndmør.

In 1821 he was elected to the Norwegian Parliament, representing the constituency of Romsdals Amt.[4] His brother Nils Landmark served during the same period.[5]

Andreas Landmark died in 1839 in Ørsta.[1]


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