Andrei Boncea

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Andrei Boncea
Born February 6, 1972

Andrei Boncea (born February 6, 1972 in Suici, Argeș, Romania) is a Romanian film producer, and since 1998 General Director of MediaPro Pictures, one of the leading film and television studios in Eastern Europe.[1]

He has been involved in numerous international productions filmed in Romania, such as Amen., directed by Costa Gavras,[2] Callas Forever, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Modigliani, directed by Mick Davis, starring Andy García, and 2006 Academy Award nominee for Foreign Film Merry Christmas, directed by Christian Carion. He has also produced Romanian films such as Furia, directed by Radu Muntean, and California Dreamin', directed by Cristian Nemescu, and television series for Romanian TV channels PRO TV and Acasă TV.[3]

Boncea has been married since 1998 to Romanian pop singer Loredana Groza, and he has a daughter, Elena, born in 1998.


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