Andrei Mureșanu High School

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Andrei Mureşanu High School (Romanian: Liceul "Andrei Mureşanu") is a high school in the Șcheii Brașovului neighborhood of Braşov, Romania. It is situated close to Piata Unirii and the Saint Nicholas Church. The school is named after the famous Romanian poet Andrei Mureşanu who also composed the lyrics of the national hymn of Romania, "Desteapta-te romane".

The high school is not only a high school – it also includes an elementary and a middle school, but both are situated in another building, very close to the high school.

Coordinates: 45°38′10.1″N 25°34′57.5″E / 45.636139°N 25.582639°E / 45.636139; 25.582639