Andrei Sakharov Prize For Writer's Civic Courage

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The Andrei Sakharov Prize For Writer's Civic Courage (1990-2007) was an annual literary prize established in the Soviet Union by the "Writers in Support of Perestroika" association (also known as the "Aprel" (April) association) in October 1990.[1] It ceased to exist in 2007 when the "Aprel" Association was wound up.

The first recipient was Lydia Chukovskaya.[1] The last recipient was Galina Drobot, the editor-in-chief of the "Aprel" almanac.[2][3] As the following list of recipients indicates, the prize was a "lifetime achievement" award and went to established figures. In this respect it differed from the Andrei Sakharov "Journalism as an Act of Conscience" Award, which was first awarded in 2004.