Andrei Zelevinsky

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Andrei Zelevinsky
Born (1953-01-30)January 30, 1953
Moscow, Soviet Union
Died (2013-04-10)April 10, 2013
Boston, United States
Nationality Soviet Union
United States
Alma mater Moscow State University
Known for Bernstein-Zelevinsky classification, Cluster algebras
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions Northeastern University
Doctoral advisors Israil Gelfand, Alexandre Kirillov
Doctoral students Arkady Berenstein
Giovanni Cerulli Irelli
Sachin Gautam
Oleg Gleizer
Daniel Labardini-Fragoso
Jeanne Scott
Ahmet Seven
Salvatore Stella
Thao Tran
Shih-Wei Yang

Andrei Vladlenovich Zelevinsky (Андрей Владленович Зелевинский; 30 January 1953 – 10 April 2013)[1] was a Russian-American mathematician who made important contributions to algebra, combinatorics, and representation theory, among other areas.


Zelevinsky graduated in 1969 from the Moscow Mathematical School No. 2.[2] After winning a silver medal as a member of the USSR team at the International Mathematical Olympiad[3] he was admitted without examination to the mathematics department of Moscow State University where he obtained his PhD in 1978 under the mentorship of Joseph Bernstein, Alexandre Kirillov and Israel Gelfand.[4]

He worked[5] in the mathematical laboratory of Vladimir Keilis-Borok at the Institute of Earth Science (1977–85), and at the Council for Cybernetics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (1985–90). In the early 1980s, at a great personal risk, he taught at the Jewish Peoples' University,[6] an unofficial organization offering first-class mathematics education to talented students denied admission to Moscow State University's math department.

In 1990-91, Zelevinsky was a visiting professor at Cornell University, and from 1991 until his death was on faculty at Northeastern University, Boston. With his wife, Galina, he had a son and a daughter; he also had several grandchildren.[7]


Zelevinsky's contributions include:

Awards and recognition[edit]


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