Andrej Bagar Theatre

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Andrej Bagar Theatre
Divadlo Andreja Bagara
Divadlo Andreja Bagara, Nitra (2008).jpg
Former namesNitrianske krajové divadlo
Krajové divadlo Nitra
AddressSvätoplukovo nám. 4
Coordinates48°18′51″N 18°5′20″E / 48.31417°N 18.08889°E / 48.31417; 18.08889Coordinates: 48°18′51″N 18°5′20″E / 48.31417°N 18.08889°E / 48.31417; 18.08889
Public transitDivadlo Andreja Bagara

The Andrej Bagar Theatre (Slovak: Divadlo Andreja Bagara) is a theatre located in Nitra, Slovakia. It opened in 1949. The theatre was known as Nitrianske krajové divadlo (Nitra Region Theatre) and Krajové divadlo Nitra (Regional Theatre Nitra) before being named after actor Andrej Bagar in 1979.[1] Various productions from the theatre have been recognised in the annual DOSKY Awards. The director of the theatre from 2001 was Ján Greššo [sk], until being succeeded by Jaroslav Dóczy [sk] in 2016.[2]


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