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Andrej Rozman
Andrej Rozman during his stage performance Zaničniško odmaševanje (Rozinteater) in 2012
Born (1955-05-25)25 May 1955
Ljubljana, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (now in Slovenia)
Occupation writer, poet, actor and translator
Notable works Uganke 100+1, Črvive pesmi
Notable awards Prešeren Foundation Award
2010 for his theatre and literary work
Levstik Award
1999 for Črvive pesmi
Levstik Award
2009 for 100 + 1 uganka

Andrej Rozman (a.k.a. Roza, born 25 May 1955) is a Slovene poet, writer, actor, and street theatre producer. He writes poems and creates plays for children and also writes satirical poetry for adults.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Rozman was born in Ljubljana in 1955. He abandoned his study of Slovene language and literature at University of Ljubljana to set up a small theatre group in 1978. In 1980s he co-founded a street theatre group, Ana Monró Theatre and was its director between 1982 and 1995.[2] He was co-writer of the low-budget TV comedy Vrtičkarji (2000), but left after the first thirteen episodes, disappointed by the production.[3] Since 2003 he has run his own theatre company Rozinteater.[4]


Rozman won the Levstik Award in 1999 for Črvive pesmi (Worm-Ridden Poems) and again in 2009 for 100 + 1 uganka (100 + 1 Riddles).

In 2010 he won the Prešeren Foundation Award for his theatre and literary work.[5]

Published works[edit]

  • S smetano nad jagode (Taking the Cream into the Strawberries), poems and short stories, 1989
  • Od talija do torija, theatre scripts, 1991
  • Rimanice za predgospodiče (Rhymes for Pre-misses), poems for children, 1993
  • Mihec, duh in uganka (Little Miha, the Gost and the Riddle), poem for children, 1996
  • Je že vredu mama (It's Alright Mum), poems, 1997
  • Črvive pesmi (Worm-ridden Poems), poetry for children, 1998
  • Krava, ki jo je pasel Mihec (The Cow Little Miha Looked After), poetry for children, 1999
  • Josip Vandot: Kekec in Pehta, adaptation of Josip Vandot's story, 2000
  • Mali rimski cirkus (The Little Roman Circus), poetry for children, 2001
  • Balon velikan (The Giant Balloon), fairytale, 2001
  • Rdeča žaba, zlat labod (Red Frog, Golden Swan), children's book, 2001
  • Josip Vandot: Kekec in Bedanec, adaptation of Josip Vandot's story, 2001
  • Najbolj dolgočasna knjiga na svetu (The Most Boring Book in the World), children's book, 2002
  • Uganke (Riddles), poetry for children, 2002
  • Josip Vandot: Kekec in Prisank, adaptation of Josip Vandot's story, 2002
  • Razmigajmo se v križu (Let's Exercise), poems, 2003
  • Marela (Umbrella), poetry for children, 2005
  • Tih bot dedi (Shut Up Grandpa), poetry for children, 2005
  • SMS poezija (SMS Poetry), poetry, 2006
  • Mihec gre prvič okrog sveta (Michael's First Trip Around the World), children's book, 2006
  • Kako je Oskar postal detektiv/How Oscar Became a Detective, short stories for children (bilingual), 2007


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