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Andres Institute of Art
Artists Studio, Andres Institute of Art, Brookline NH.jpg
Artists Studio
Established 1996
Location 98 Route 13
Brookline, New Hampshire
Coordinates 42°43′43″N 71°40′11″W / 42.72861°N 71.66972°W / 42.72861; -71.66972Coordinates: 42°43′43″N 71°40′11″W / 42.72861°N 71.66972°W / 42.72861; -71.66972
Type Sculpture park

Andres Institute of Art is a public sculpture park in Brookline, New Hampshire, United States. It is the largest sculpture park by area in New England,[citation needed] founded in 1996 by local benefactor Paul Andres and sculptor John Weidman.[1][2] Its collection of more than 80 metal and stone sculptures are distributed over 140 acres (57 ha) on Potanipo Hill, the site of a former ski area. The sculptures are situated in a variety of garden and forested situations, spread over eleven hiking trails on the hillside.[1] The trails range from easy to difficult, and the views along them change drastically with the changing of the seasons. Most of the sculptures are abstract and cryptic pieces,[3] with each year's accessions coming from both new artists and familiar ones.[4] The trails lead visitors by works such as Contempo Rustic, a couch fashioned from slabs of rock and metal, or Mbari House, a house-shaped granite-and-metal totem to peace and friendship.[5]

Since 1998, the institute has sponsored an annual Bridges and Connections International Sculpture Symposium. Artists are invited to visit Brookline for two weeks to create sculptures for permanent display at the institute. Sculptors from Lithuania, Latvia, England, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Egypt, Greece, Chile, and many states of the U.S. have attended the event. As the artists work, the public is invited to observe and interact with them, and to join guided tours of the collection.[1][6]

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