Andrew, son of Serafin

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Andrew, son of Serafin
Judge royal
Reign 1239–1241
Predecessor Julius Rátót
Successor Paul Geregye
Born ?
Died 11 April 1241
Muhi, Kingdom of Hungary
Father Serafin

Andrew, son of Serafin (Hungarian: Szerafin fia András; died 11 April 1241) was a Hungarian baron and landowner, who held several secular positions during the reign of kings Andrew II and Béla IV.

His influence arose during the reign of Andrew II. He was a supporter of prince Béla, thus he held functions in the princely court. He served as master of the stewards for Béla twice, in 1225 and from 1231 to 1233.[1] According to László Markó, he was the ispán (comes) of Borsod County in 1230.[2] He was the last voivode for Andrew II in 1235, when Béla held the title of duke of Transylvania.[3][4] After Béla IV ascended the throne in 1235, he was replaced by Pousa, son of Sólyom. Andrew functioned as ispán of Pozsony County between 1235 and 1240 (or 1241).[5]

In 1239, he was nominated judge royal by Béla IV.[6] He was killed in the Battle of Mohi on 11 April 1241 and later replaced by Paul Geregye.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Denis Türje
Voivode of Transylvania
Succeeded by
Pousa, son of Sólyom
Preceded by
Julius Rátót
Judge royal
Succeeded by
Paul Geregye