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Andrew Ager (born February 12, 1962) is a Canadian composer.

Born in Ottawa, Andrew Ager is one of Canada´s most prominent composers, with numerous premieres and performances each year, in Canada, Europe, and the United States. He began his studies in piano at age four, and as a teenager studied piano in Ottawa under Joan Milliken and theory with Etoile Naysmith. He began composing seriously at sixteen when the family moved to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Described by former Toronto Star music critic and journalist John Terauds as ´´One of Toronto´s most intriguing classical musicians´´. Ager's piece "Autumn Overture" was premiered by the Georgian Bay Symphony October 2003.[1] Ager moved to the Quebec countryside in October 2010 to compose full-time. Recent premieres (2010-2012) include ´´Frankenstein´´ Op.40 (full opera) Toronto, Ontario, Canada ´´Concerto for Organ and Orchestra´´ Op. 41 Albuquerque, USA ´´Symphony no.1´´ Op.44 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ´´Ovid Songs´´ (tenor and piano) Op. 43 Sulmona, Italy ´´Un Amore Doloroso´´ (soprano and piano) Op.42 Venice, Italy

Upcoming premieres (2012-2014) include Suite from ´´The Wings of the Dove´´ Op.47 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ´´The Wings of the Dove´´(chamber opera) Op. 45 Toronto, Ontario, Canada ´´Casanova´´ (chamber opera) Op.49 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ´´Divertimento for Horn and Orchestra´´ Op 51(version for horn and organ) Goerlitz, Germany ´´Fuhrerbunker´´ (chamber opera) Op. 52 Toronto, Ontario, Canada ´´Divertimento for Piano Quartet´´ Op. 53 Barrie, Canada. As well as a large body of liturgical music, Ager has composed for solo voice, orchestra and chamber ensemble. His opera Frankenstein was premiered by TrypTych Concert and Opera in January 2010.[2]

It starred Lenard Whiting, Dawn Baily, Steven King, Michael Taylor, Michael York, Graham Robinson, Melanie Conly, and Charles Waddell. The production was directed and designed by Edward Franko.


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