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Andrew Calhoun (born November 30, 1957 in New Haven, Connecticut)[1] is an American folk singer/songwriter. He was inspired to become a musician when his mother brought home a couple of her hippie students who played guitar. Early influences include Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, John Prine, Leonard Cohen, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Joseph Conrad, C.S. Lewis and Mississippi John Hurt. In 1992, he founded the artists cooperative record label Waterbug Records.[2] His performances include works by various songwriters and poets, Scots ballads in original translations from dialect, African American sacred songs, and his own varied songbook.


  • Gates of Love (1980, Flying Fish–out of print)
  • Walk Me to the War (1989, Flying Fish–out of print)
  • Water Street (1990, Hogeye–out of print)
  • Hope (1993, Waterbug)
  • Phoenix Envy (1996, Waterbug)
  • Where Blue Meets Blue (1999, Waterbug)
  • Tiger Tattoo (2003, Waterbug)
  • Telfer's Cows: Folk Ballads of Scotland (2004, Waterbug)
  • Shadow of a Wing (2004, Waterbug)
  • Staring at the Sun (Songs 1973-1981) (2005, Waterbug)
  • Bound To Go: African-American Spirituals and Secular Folk Songs (2008, Waterbug)
  • Grapevine (2011, Waterbug)
  • "Living Room" (2013, Waterbug)


  • Twenty-Four Poems (1989, Psychological Bagpipes Press)
  • Hay (2004, The Paper Airplane Press)
  • "The Trilogy Trilogy" (2012, Waterbug, humor book)


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