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Andrew Catlin

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Andrew Catlin
Born1960 (age 63–64)
London, England
EducationDurham University
Occupation(s)Photographer, artist, director, cinematographer
Years active1981–present
ChildrenAlexander, Felix
Parent(s)Harry Catlin, Joan Catlin
AwardsPrince Philip Prize

Andrew Catlin (born 1960)[1] is an English photographer, artist, director, cinematographer and filmmaker. His work has been widely published, and is included in numerous collections, books, exhibitions and archives.

His work is held in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Catlin grew up intrigued by both arts and science. His childhood was spent in London in the 1960s during a period of great transformation and social change. His father, Harry, was the son of a carpenter from the Midlands, who moved to London in the 1950's to work at the BBC. His mother, Joan, was from the north east of England, growing up in county Durham, before coming to London to study English and then finding work at the BBC, where she met Harry.[citation needed]

Catlin had early interests in ethology and also photography, which was encouraged by his father, himself a keen photographer. In 1978, Catlin was awarded the Prince Philip Prize for Zoology by the Zoological Society of London for a research project completed while at school.[2] After attending University College London, he continued his studies with a psychology degree at Durham University before returning to London to do a research degree in Learning and Development at University College London.

During this time he developed his interest in photography. Early work for NME, Melody Maker, Smash Hits, POP and Spin quickly extended to other publications, and commissions from record companies, musicians, designers and artists internationally. His work appeared on record sleeves, books and magazine covers. He was one of the photographers chosen to document the Live Aid concert in 1985 and was the largest single contributor to the subsequent exhibition and book.[3]

During the 1980s he began directing music videos.[4] During a visit to Japan while working with Bryan Adams, he was experimenting with a Super-8 movie camera, when Adams asked if he would film one of his live songs. The black and white clip that followed was reviewed by Chrissy Iley in Direction Magazine as a great debut.[citation needed] His second video, for the Cowboy Junkies track, Blue Moon was given a feature in Direction:

"Blue Moon surprised me, impressed me, and I'm hard to impress, especially with performance videos. Its approach is not clinical or technical or corporate. But its flickered lights and sepia faces strike a mood that few directors of the three-minute clip even bother to think necessary. The facial expressions are important to him, and are carefully monitored with his portraiture eye. Fortunately, MTV shared my view and put it on heavy rotation."(Chrissy Iley).[citation needed]

Catlin was Director of Photography for Elements of Mine, a film by Egyptian director Khaled El Hagar which was awarded First Prize in the Toronto Moving Pictures Festival (MoPix Award 2004). [5]

In 2008, drawing together experience from photography, filmmaking and graphic design, he began a project called "The Matrix Series", exploring graphic compositions with complex multi-frame narratives.[citation needed] Each piece was shot as a set of images designed to interact in multiple dimensions, combining elements of time, movement, rhythm, narrative and graphic structure, while remaining within an essentially documentary framework. In his essay "Nine Hastings Photographers" Vasileios Kantas proposes that

"Andrew Catlin's imagery formations could be considered as a study on perception. His matrix suggests a unique syntax, of which the visual elements have been formed partly coincidentally - the subject's actions - and partly in a controllable way - the photographer's decisions. The way the sub-frames are selected and positioned in the matrix is preconceived, though it does not serve the linearity of time which seems to be loosened, if not abolished. The display of the sub-frames allows different reading strategies, seemingly serving many goals simultaneously."

Sean O'Hagan, photography writer for The Observer, notes

"In his Matrix series, he has somehow merged the rigorously formal with the luminously observational. Whereas the likes of Blossfeldt and the Bechers created visual typologies, arranging plants and industrial water towers respectively in grids that echo the natural and man-made sameness of their subjects, Catlin has used the grid format to render a series of what he calls "critical" moments. The resulting images are both formally detached and acutely observational, ordered yet intimate. ... Andrew Catlin is a photographer with a scientific eye. He is obsessive, meticulous and rigorous, but also a quiet, unobtrusive observer of the everyday sublime. It shines brightly though his big pictures."[6]

In 2021 he produced an exhibition and book of portraits, Rebel Song, exploring the connections of history and faces of Irish music. Excerpts from the book were presented by The Irish Cultural Centre in London, with commentary:

"Rebel Song; Faces of Irish Music is a collection of photographs of some of the most important musicians who changed the face of Irish Music into the international force it is today. With the words of Irish song's, quotes from the musicians, and written commentaries on Irish history and on British colonial rule in Ireland, published throughout – what emerges is a powerful and sublime book which charts the evolution from Irish folk, into rebellious Rock, Pop and Protest Songs and Punk, which burst into the sounds and voice of a nation's resistance and exploded onto a global stage.

What's so extraordinary about the book is that its author, photographer Andrew Catlin, is an Englishman, who knew nothing about Irish history at the outset. While producing the book Catlin under-went a journey of discovery to find the connection between Irish music, the history of Ireland, and the passion, power and intensity of some of the greatest Irish songwriters and performers of the last 50 years.

Catlin says "Many of the references in Irish songs – people and places that in Ireland carry a heavy weight of history – have no meaning at all in England. You feel the strength of emotion, but unrecognised names seem quaint or unimportant. It can be shocking when you find a familiar song is about a shameful episode of British brutality."[7]

His photography is held in major collections and archives worldwide, ranging from The National Portrait Gallery in London[8] to the Schwules Museum in Berlin.[9]



Books: photography credits[edit]

  • Live Aid: The Official Book (1985), paperback ISBN 9780881010244
  • King Ink by Nick Cave (1988), hardcover
  • Bryan Adams by Bryan Adams and Andrew Catlin (1995)
  • A Drink with Shane MacGowan (paperback & hardback) by Shane MacGowan (author), Victoria Mary Clarke (2001)
  • Pogue Mahone Kiss My Arse: The Story of the Pogues by Carol Clerk (2007)
  • It Crawled from the South: An R.E.M. Companion by Marcus Gray ISBN 1857023544
  • Wire: Everybody Loves a History by Kevin S. Eden (1991) ISBN 9780946719075
  • Nick Cave by Maximilian Dax (1999), hardcover ISBN 3931126277
  • Tape Delay: Confessions from the Eighties Underground by Charles Neal (2001) ISBN 0946719020
  • They're Not Laughing Now by Alexander Brattell and Andrew Catlin (2010)
  • Vel by Andrew Catlin, Susheela Raman and Sam Mills (2011)
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain, by Andrew Catlin, Jim Reid and Julie Reid (2012) ISBN 9781999881887.
  • Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues, by James Fearnley (2014) ISBN 9780571255405
  • Marc Almond's Visual Tome, by Ian David Monroe (2014)
  • Marc Almond - Trials of Eyeliner, by Alex Petridis (2016)
  • Sinéad O'Connor 48, by Andrew Catlin (2017) ISBN 9781999881870
  • Shane MacGowan Threescore, by Andrew Catlin (2018) ISBN 9781999881863
  • Rebel Song: Faces of Irish Music, by Andrew Catlin (2021) ISBN 9781999881856
  • A Furious Devotion: The Authorised Story of Shane MacGowan, by Richard Balls (2021) ISBN 9781787601086
  • A Drink with Shane MacGowan (Italian Edition), by Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke (2001); paperback (2022)
  • The Eternal Buzz and the Crock of Gold, by Shane MacGowan (2022). Edition of 1000 copies.
  • Oh Yeah Yello 40, by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier (2021) ISBN 978-3907236352

Record covers: selected photography credits[edit]

Title Artist Year Comment
18 Til I Die Bryan Adams 1999 Photography
So Far So Good Bryan Adams 1993 Photography
Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams 1993 Photography
All I Want is You Bryan Adams 1991 Photography
Waking Up the Neighbours Bryan Adams 1991 Photography
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading 2000 Photography
Happiness Lisa Germano 1993 Photography
Wishful Thinking Propaganda 2012 Photography
25: The Greatest Hits [CD/DVD] Simply Red 2008 Photography
25: The Greatest Hits [Single Disc] Simply Red 2009 Photography
3313 Susheela Raman 2007 Art Direction, Photography
Actually Pet Shop Boys 2001 Photography
Anthology Bryan Adams 2005 Photography
Anthology [2007] Bryan Adams 2007 Photography
Automatic The Jesus and Mary Chain 1989 Photography, Portraits
Automatic [DualDisc] The Jesus and Mary Chain 2006 Portraits
Babi Yar/Drill FACT 266 Steve Martland 1989 Photography
Balinese Dancer Chuck Prophet 1993 Photography
Barbed Wire Kisses The Jesus and Mary Chain 1988 Photography
The Best of Aztec Camera Aztec Camera 2001 Photography
The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Nick Cave 1998 Photography
The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds [Bonus CD] Nick Cave 2001 Photography
Big Blue Ball Big Blue Ball 2008 Photography
Big Cock King Kurt 1986 Photography
The Brit Box: UK Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit-Pop Gems of the Last Millennium Various Artists 2007 Photography
Brother Aldo Chuck Prophet 1990 Design, Photography
Burnin' the Ice Die Haut 1983 Photography
Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings of 10,000 Maniacs 10,000 Maniacs 2004 Photography
Capital Letters: The Best of Ruefrex Ruefrex 2005 Photography
Chains Changed Throwing Muses 1987 Photography
Cleaner Light Kristin Hersh 1999 Portraits
Collection, Pt. 2 Christy Moore 1997 Photography
Coming Home Yungchen Lhamo 1998 Photography
Complete Studio Albums Box Sugarcubes 2006 Photography
Crock of Gold Shane MacGowan 1997 Photography
Church of the Holy Spook Shane MacGowan 1994 Photography/Design
That Woman's Got Me Drinking Shane MacGowan 1994 Photography/Design
Candleland Ian McCulloch 1989 Photography
Proud to Fall Ian McCulloch 1989 Photography
Mysterio Ian McCulloch 1989 Photography
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo Echo and the Bunnymen 1988 Photography
Love The Cult 2009 Photography
Darklands The Jesus and Mary Chain 1987 Photography
Stories of Johnny Marc Almond 1985 Photography
Don Juan Demarco [Soundtrack] Various Artists 1995 Photography
End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues That Petrol Emotion 1988 Photography
Essential Pogues The Pogues 1991 Photography
Fairytale of New York The Pogues 2012 Photography
Sally Maclennane The Pogues 1985 Photography
Final Flame That Petrol Emotion 2000 Photography/Art Direction
First of a Million Kisses/Ay Fond Kiss/Mirmama Fairground Attraction 2002 Cover Photo
Forbidden City Electronic 1996 Photography
George Best The Wedding Present 1987 Photography
George Best Plus [George Best Plus] The Wedding Present 1997 Photography
Griller Ut 1989 Photography
Here Today, Tomorrow The Sugarcubes 1989 Photography
Hips and Makers Kristin Hersh 1994 Photography
Hips and Makers Your Ghost 1993 Photography
Hollywood Town Hall The Jayhawks 1992 Photography
Waiting for the Sun The Jayhawks 1992 Photography
Honey's Dead The Jesus and Mary Chain 1992 Photography
Inconsiderate Bitch Lisa Germano 1994 Photography
Into the Blues Joan Armatrading 2007 Photography
Islands Mike Oldfield 1987 Photography
It Was the Best of Times Supertramp 1999 Photography
Just Like Everybody [LTM] 23 Skidoo 2008 Photography
Just Say Anything Just Say Yes 1991 Photography
Tambolero Totó La Momposina 2014 Photography
La Candela Viva Totó La Momposina 1993 Photography
Live 1987 The Wedding Present 2007 Photography
Live Aid [DVD Boxed Set] Various Artists 2004 Photography
Live! Live! Live! Bryan Adams 1995 Photography
Lonely, Cryin', Only [#1] Therapy? 1998 Photography
Love Bites & Bruises: Wonder Stuff Anthology The Wonder Stuff 2001 Photography
The Lost Are Found Claudia Brücken 2012 Photography
Love Trap Susheela Raman 2003 Photography
Vel Susheela Raman 2010 Photography & Design
Ghost Gamelan Susheela Raman 2018 Photography & Design
Lovelife Lush 1996 Portraits
Lovesongs for Underdogs Tanya Donelly 1997 Photography
Lovesongs for Underdogs [Japan] Tanya Donelly 1998 Photography
Merge Arthur Baker 1989 Photography
Mirmama Eddi Reader 1991 Photography
Mysterio Ian McCulloch 1992 Photography
Dug For Love Ian McCulloch 1992 Photography
Candleland Ian McCulloch 1992 Photography
Proud to Fall Ian McCulloch 1992 Photography
Never Loved Elvis The Wonder Stuff 1991 Photography
Never Loved Elvis [Bonus Tracks] The Wonder Stuff 2000 Photography
Patrol Steve Martland 1994 Photography
Picture Book [Bonus DVD] Simply Red 2008 Photography
Please/Further Listening 1984–1986 [Bonus CD] Pet Shop Boys 2001 Photography
The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities The Jesus and Mary Chain 2007 Photography
Blues from a Gun The Jesus and Mary Chain 1989 Photography
Teethgrinder Therapy? 1992 Photography
Nurse Therapy? 1992 Photography
Semi-Detached Therapy? 1998 Photography
Sidewalking The Jesus and Mary Chain 1988 Photography
Automatic The Jesus and Mary Chain 1989 Photography
POWER TO THE PEOPLE AND THE BEATS – Public Enemy's Greatest Hits [Edited Version] Public Enemy 2005 Photography
Power to the People and the Beats – Public Enemy's Greatest Hits [Explicit Version] Public Enemy 2005 Photography
Pretty Deep [#1] Tanya Donelly 1997 Photography
Pretty Deep [#2] Tanya Donelly 1997 Photography
Provision Scritti Politti 1988 Photography
Real Sugar Paban Das Baul 1997 Photography
Retro New Order 2002 Photography
Retro [Bonus CD] New Order 2002 Photography
Ricks Road Texas 1993 Photography
Rum Sodomy & The Lash [Expanded] [Bonus Tracks] The Pogues 2005 Photography
Salt Rain Susheela Raman 2001 Photography
The Same Sky Horse 1990 Cover Photo
Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits Various Artists 1995 Photography
Semi-Detached [Bonus Tracks] Therapy? 2000 Photography
Seven Songs [LTM] 23 Skidoo 2008 Images
23 Skidoo 23 Skidoo 1983 Photography
Sharks Patrol These Waters Various Artists 1995 Photography
The Shouting Stage Joan Armatrading 1988 Photography
Sky Motel Kristin Hersh 1999 Portraits
Slave to Love: Best of the Ballads Bryan Ferry 2000 Cover Photo
Slave to Love: Best of the Ballads [Japan] Bryan Ferry 2000 Cover Photo
Square the Circle Joan Armatrading 1992 Photography
Still Burning Mike Scott 1997 Photography
The Snake Shane MacGowan 1995 Photography/Art Direction
The Snake [Bonus Track] Shane MacGowan 2000 Photography
So Far So Good Bryan Adams 1993 Photography/Art Direction
The Sound of the Smiths [Deluxe Edition] The Smiths 2008 Photography
Sounds of the Eighties: 1986 Various Artists 1994 Photography
Tommy (1985–1987) The Wedding Present 1988 Photography
The Culling Is Coming 23 Skidoo 1983 Photography
Language 23 Skidoo 1984 Photography
Trilogy The Pogues 2006 Photography
Bedbugs & Ballyhoo [LP] Echo & the Bunnymen 1988 Photography
The Very Best of Echo & the Bunnymen: More Songs to Learn and Sing [CD/DVD] Echo & the Bunnymen 2007 Photography
Volume Two [World's End Ltd.] Various Artists 1991 Photography
Voyage Christy Moore 1989 Photography
Wave of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies Pixies 2004 Photography
Where is My Mind? Pixies 2004 Photography
All Shall Be Well Virginia Astley 1992 Photography
Had I The Heavens Virginia Astley 1996 Photography
Way Down Below Buffalo Hell Way Down Below Buffalo... 1993 Photography
Real World 25 Various Artists 2014 Photography
A Week or Two in the Real World Various Artists 1995 Photography
Wildest Dreams Tina Turner 1996 Photography
The Stars We Are Marc Almond 2002 Photography
Sweet Ride Belly 2002 Photography
This Is It Faith No More 2003 Photography
Nurse Therapy 1992 Photography
Teethgrinder Therapy 1992 Photography
Wembley 1996 Bryan Adams 2016 Photography
The First Kiss of Love Cronin 2016 Photography
Tomorrow Never Knows Susheela Raman 2016 Photography
The Queen Between Susheela Raman 2014 Photography
The Sound of the Smiths The Smiths 2008 Photography
The Best of 25 Years Sting 2011 Photography
Icon 2 Public Enemy 2014 Photography
Wave of Mutilation Pixies 2004 Photography
Sky Motel Kristin Hirsch 1999 Photography
Wildest Dreams Tina Turner 1996 Photography
Cleaner Light Kristin Hirsch 1999 Photography
Live Aid Various Artists 2004 Photography
Power to the People and the Beats Public Enemy 2005 Photography
Bring the Noise/Sophisticated Public Enemy 1988 Photography


Music videos: director of photography credits[edit]

Music videos: director credit[edit]

  • Aref Durvesh: 'Outerindia One' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2009)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Ganapati' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2001)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Salt Rain' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2001)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Maya' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2002)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Orphea' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2010)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Tomorrow Never Knows' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2016)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Annabel' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2018)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Tanpa Nama' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2018)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Ghost' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2019)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Going Down' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2019)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Spoons' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2019)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Sphinx' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2019)
  • Susheela Raman: 'Beautiful Moon' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2019)
  • Doros Quintet: 'Cherubim' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (2015)
  • Deacon Blue: 'Love and Regret' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1989)
  • Pogues: 'Rainy Night in Soho' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1991)
  • Kinky Machine: 'Supernatural Giver' (dir: Catlin) (1992)
  • Fin: "Sweet Obsession" (dir: Catlin) (1992)
  • Pooka: "City Sick" (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Scalaland: ‘Snow White Lies’ (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • Scalaland: ‘Call Me’ (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Please Forgive Me' (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Straight from the Heart '(5 screen version) (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Summer of '69' (Live) (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Run To You' (Live) (dir: Catlin) (1992)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Into the Fire' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1988)
  • Bryan Adams: 'When the Night Comes' (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Cmon Everybody' (dir: Catlin) (1993)
  • Bryan Adams: 'Let's Make a Night to Remember' (dir: Catlin) (1996)
  • C.C.: 'All Right' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C.: 'Beautiful' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C. 'Shelter' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • C.C.: 'Roots Scared' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1995)
  • Linda Eder 'From This Moment On' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1989)
  • Cowboy Junkies: 'Blue Moon' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1988)
  • Green on Red 'The Quarter' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1989)
  • Green on Red 'Little Things' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1989)
  • Green on Red 'Arrested' (dir/DOP: Catlin) (1989)

Music longforms / concerts[edit]

  • Bryan Adams: ‘When The Night Comes’ (Live) (dir: Catlin)
  • Susheela Raman: ‘The Queen Elizabeth Hall’ (Live) 2012 (dir: Catlin)
  • Susheela Raman: ‘Barbican’ (Live) 2017 (dir: Catlin)
  • Susheela Raman: ‘Souq Waqif’ (Recording) 2019 (dir: Catlin)
  • Susheela Raman: ‘Montpellier’ (Live) 2019 (dir: Catlin)

Films and documentaries: directing credits[edit]

  • Bryan Adams: Waking Up the World CBC Documentary (1993) (dir: Catlin)
  • Bryan Adams: Waking Up The World DVD Release (2003) (dir: Catlin)

Films and documentaries: director of photography credits[edit]

  • Elements of Mine:[10] (dir: Khaled El Hagar/Norbert Servos)
    • Winner First Prize – Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto (MoPix Award 2004)
  • Gumball 3000:[11] documentary of First European rally/race. (1999) (dir. Simon Hilton)



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