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Andy Cope (born 1966) is a happiness researcher and children's author. He has written books from the Spy Dog, Spy Pups and Spy Cat series (Puffin).[1][2] Andy has also written Racoon Rampage and Racoon Rampage: The Raid for Harper Collins

Andy was born in Derby in 1966. In addition to writing children's books, he also describes himself as a teacher, trainer and learning junkie. [3] He has completed a PhD (Loughborough University, UK) specializing in happiness and flourishing in the workplace. Andy has developed a course called 'The Art of Being Brilliant'[4] which has been delivered in business and schools all over the world. Andy originally set out to report on happiness in the workplace but his studies led him into the wider realms of employee engagement and flourishing. His thesis reports on the habits of those who are having a noticeable emotional uplift in the workplace. His keynotes and workshops are designed to share the 'secrets' of what he calls the '2%ers', the minority of people who have an uplifting effect (as against what he calls the 'mood hoovers', those who suck the energy out of the room)

Andy's talks are often very funny. However, he is always at pains to suggest that behind the humour lies a dozen years of research and that by applying the habits of the 2%ers, people can massively improve their lives.

Andy and his team deliver keynotes and workshops all over the world. He has also developed an 'embedded model' of delivery for schools, in which young people are tasked to design and deliver their own wellbeing curriculum. This is born out of a frustration with the current 'exam factory' education system in which there is frequent burn-out of staff and children. His ambition is to get positive psychology (that is, happiness, wellbeing, strengths, resilience, character, goal-setting, self belief, ambition, altruism, mindfulness...) onto the curriculum. If you meet Andy you'll soon discover that he has a passion to make 'GCSE Wellbeing' sit alongside Maths & English.

Andy's research has helped him develop content for various personal development books. In addition to the books below, he is also writing additional titles around the themes of leadership, happiness and entrepreneurialism. He is also working on a new children's series, 'Zombie High'.

'The Art of Being Brilliant' (Capstone)

'Be Brilliant Everyday' (Capstone)

'The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager' (Capstone)

'A Brilliant Life' and 'Being Brilliant'[5] (Balloon View)

'The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher', 'The Art of Being a Brilliant Primary Teacher', 'The Art of Being a Brilliant NQT', 'The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant' & 'The Art of Being a Brilliant Middle Leader' (all Crown House)

'The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence' (summer 2016, Hodder)


  • Spy Dog: Winner of the Redhouse Children’s Book of the Year 2006[6]
    • Winner of Doncaster Book Award 2007
  • Spy Dog Unleashed
    • Nottingham Book Award 2008