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Andrew Donlevy (b. in 1694, probably in Sligo, Ireland; date and place of death uncertain) was an Irish Roman Catholic priest and educator.


Little is known about his early life. He went abroad to study for the priesthood, reaching Paris in 1710 and becoming a student at the Irish College. His clerical course finished, he was ordained priest, and in 1728 was appointed prefect in the college, an office he held till 1746.

He had also attended lectures at the university, graduating both in theology and law. While holding the office of prefect, he drew up a new code of rules for the government of the college, placing it under the control of the Archbishop of Paris and subject to the University of Paris.

My information (Esther Haugh - Edna Dunlevy was my grandmother) shows Andrew Donlevy was born in Tyrone County, Ireland.


He published in 1742 an Irish-English catechism of the Christian Doctrine, an edition of which appeared in Dublin in 1848.