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Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond is a Scottish translator and novelist. He was born in Edinburgh and studied at the University of Aberdeen and the University of London. He writes part-time, working full-time as a software engineer.

He is the author of four books, the historical novel An Abridged History of the Construction of a Railway Line Between Ullapool and Lochinver[1][2] (2004), A Hand-book of Volapük (2006)[3] set in 1890s Scotland, Elephantina (2008), and Novgorod the Great (2010). He has also written several short stories and some nonfiction translations from German. More recently, he has written a biography of the 18th century adventurer Maurice Benyovszky, entitled The Intriguing Life and Ignominious Death of Maurice Benyovszky (2017).


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