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Andrew Glassman is an American television producer who has created TV programs throughout the world.

Glassman founded Glassman Media in 2001, which is an independent Los Angeles-based international television production company whose credits include network primetime dating, competition, and self-improvement, competition, and game formats.

Andrew Glassman’s credits include NBC’s hot Average Joe (TV series), whose first season finale attracted more than 25 million viewers ranking it as the second highest rated reality telecast in NBC network history: the critically acclaimed “Three Wishes” (NBC) which was named the “most family friendly show on broadcast television”; “The Ex-Wives Club” (ABC), “National Bingo Night” (ABC) which drive 25 million bingo card downloads and catapulted to #1 among broadcast network websites, “Bingo America” (GSN), "Momma's Boys" (NBC).

Early career[edit]

Andrew Glassman started his career as an Emmy Award- winning investigative broadcast journalist during which he appeared on-air at NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, WCAU, and WNBC.


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