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Andrew Glassman is an American television producer who has created TV programs throughout the world.

Glassman founded Glassman Media in 2001, which is an independent Los Angeles-based international television production company whose credits include network primetime dating, competition, and self-improvement, competition, and game formats.

Andrew Glassman’s credits include NBC’s Average Joe, whose first-season finale attracted more than 25 million viewers ranking it as the second highest rated reality telecast in NBC network history: the critically acclaimed “Three Wishes” (NBC) which was named the “most family friendly show on broadcast television”; “The Ex-Wives Club” (ABC), “National Bingo Night” (ABC) which drive 25 million bingo card downloads and catapulted to #1 among broadcast network websites, “Bingo America” (GSN), "Momma's Boys" (NBC).

Early career[edit]

Andrew Glassman started his career as an Emmy Award- winning investigative broadcast journalist during which he appeared on-air at NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, WCAU, and WNBC.


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