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Andrew Haug
Andrew Haug.jpg
Andrew Haug
Born September 1973
Melbourne, Australia
Occupation Radio presenter
Known for Full Metal Racket
Triple J
Website [1]

Andrew Haug (born September 1973) is a radio announcer and heavy metal musician from Melbourne, Australia. He is one of the most prominent figures[citation needed] in Australia's largely underground heavy metal scene[citation needed].

Haug started his radio career doing the heavy metal music program The Hard Report for Melbourne community radio station 3RRR. He was most notable as the presenter of the heavy metal music program Full Metal Racket (formerly 3 Hours of Power and currently The Racket) on Australian alternative music radio station Triple J, which he hosted from 2001 to 2011.[1][2] He has stated that he did not leave Triple J by his choosing.[3]

Haug also plays drums with outfit Contrive, which also features his identical twin brother Paul Haug on lead vocals/guitar.

In 2002, Haug was convinced by Australian comedian John Safran to appear on his SBS television series John Safran's Music Jamboree. His appearance involved a Christian psychic who monitored him during a radio broadcast and at a Contrive live gig, claiming she could see "dark spirits" who were supposedly attracted to him due to his interest in heavy metal music.[citation needed]

Andrew has also been a guest programmer for the ABC's music video show Rage as well as MTV's Headbangers Ball.

Early years[edit]

Andrew was born in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria,[4] along with twin brother Paul.


For the past 20 years he has worked in radio, starting in 1993 with a local demo segment on Melbourne's 3RRRFM Metal Show. Before long, Haug had become the lead host of the show, handling all facets of the program including interviews with several hundred local and international artists right up until leaving the station for a new opportunity.[citation needed]

In 2001 he became the host of Triple J's national weekly metal program, Full Metal Racket. Over his decade-long run he conducted 612 interviews with musicians such as James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Maynard James Keenan, Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, and interviewed Steve Harris of Iron Maiden on board their own plane, Ed Force One. Haug once convinced JJJ management to do a live seven-hour straight metal radio marathon.[1]

In 1995 Haug co-hosted a local TV music show on Channel 31, Metal Vision. This lasted for two years, and included local and international interviews with the likes of Fear Factory and Deicide, as well as general music discussion. In 2001 he hosted the long-standing national TV music show Rage, handpicking five hours of his favourite rock and metal video clips, and in 2006 hosted a four-hour special on MTV's Headbangers Ball dedicated to the acts on that year's Gigantour festival.[citation needed]

Haug has also dabbled in writing, submitting music columns to Kerrang! Australia, Roadrunner Australia's Outsider Magazine, plus weekly metal music columns for various street press magazines.

He is currently the sole label and marketing manager at the Australian branch of German-based record label Century Media (Arch Enemy, Suicide Silence, Lacuna Coil, Architects) since 1998.[5][6]

Haug manages and plays drums for heavy metal band Contrive with his twin brother Paul. They have released two EPs and two albums to date, and toured with Machine Head, Opeth, Stone Sour, Cavalera Conspiracy, Testament, Sepultura, Soilwork, Mayhem, Skinlab, and Parkway Drive.[citation needed]

In June 2012 Haug revealed his plan to create a dedicated rock and metal online radio station in Australia.[citation needed]

The station was officially launched on 20 November 2012.

Haug has stated that he did not leave Triple J voluntarily.[7]


Haug was axed from The Racket after a decade long stint with the station, he then went on to build and launch a dedicated 24/7 live rock metal radio station in 2012.[2][8] From 2012, Haug hosted a weekly two-hour metal show, Haugmetal for Soundwave festival's online radio station, Soundwave Pirate Radio.[9][10]


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