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Andrew Hussey Allen (1855–1921) was an American archivist and author, born in New York City.[1] He was the son of Colonel Julian Allen, né Alschwang, and Mary Abby Hussey. He attended Phillips Academy, Andover (Class of 1874) and graduated from Harvard University in 1878. He studied law, and although admitted to the bar, he never engaged in practice. He worked for the United States Department of State for many years. In 1893 he inaugurated and was the Chief of the Bulletin of Rolls and Library[2][3] as a medium for the publication of catalogues, indexes, and important papers of the national archives.[4]


  • Official Relations of the United States with the Hawaiian Islands from the First Appointment of a Consular Office there by the United States Government (1893)
  • Method of Recognition of Foreign Governments and Foreign States by the Government of the United States (1897)