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Andrew "Mac" McDermott (26 January 1966 – 3 August 2011) was a singer mostly known for his work in the progressive metal band Threshold. He was also the lead singer of Swampfreaks and the German group Sargant Fury.


McDermott performed in clubs in the North East of England playing with bands such as Harvest, Renegade, Eliminator, and Mr President before moving to Germany to join Sargant Fury. After three albums, the band dissolved, and in 1998 McDermott joined Threshold as lead singer, replacing Damian Wilson.

In 2003, McDermott was asked by the guitarist Wieland Hofmeister to join the German Progressive Metal Band Yargos. He accepted and they released their first album in 2005 and second album in 2009. He was also a member of the band Powerworld. In 2007, days before the "Live Reckoning" tour with Threshold, McDermott suddenly left the band.[1] For the tour, he was replaced by former front man Damian Wilson, whom McDermott had replaced in 1998.


On 3 August 2011, McDermott died from kidney failure after being in a four-day coma.[2][3]


With Sargant Fury[edit]

  • 1991: Still Want More
  • 1993: Little Fish
  • 1995: Turn the Page

With Threshold[edit]

With Yargos[edit]

  • 2005: To Be Or Not to Be
  • 2012: Magical Karma

With Swampfreaks[edit]

  • 2009: Swampfreaks (EP)
  • 2011:

With Powerworld[edit]

  • 2010: Human Parasite