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The Andrew Oldham Orchestra was a musical side project in the mid-1960s created by Andrew Loog Oldham, the original manager and record producer of The Rolling Stones. There was no actual orchestra per se. The name was applied to recordings made by Oldham using a multitude of session musicians, including members of the Rolling Stones.

Rolling Stones Songbook featured the orchestrated version[1] of the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards song "The Last Time", which was sampled by The Verve for their track "Bitter Sweet Symphony". Licensing issues over the sample caused the entire publishing copyright of the Verve's own composition to be taken by ABKCO Records, and the entire composition to be credited to Jagger and Richards.



Year Album Record Label
1964 Lionel Bart's Maggie May Decca Records
16 Hip Hits Ace of Clubs Records
1965 East Meets West Parrott Records
1966 The Rolling Stones Songbook London Records


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