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Andrew Park FRSA (born in south London, United Kingdom) is an English animator best known for making a 14-part series of 10-minute whiteboard animations for the Royal Society of Arts's channel theRSAorg which became the No.1 nonprofit channel worldwide with 46 million views.[1]

RSA Animate[edit]

Andrew Park created the original concept and design for the RSA Animate cartoon series that has transferred the contents of RSA speeches and books to the medium of (hand-drawn) cartoon animations.

The first whiteboard animation drawn by Andrew Park in the RSA Animate series was based on Stein Ringen's Book, "The Economic Consequences of Mr Brown" given as a speech delivered for RSA.

The most recently drawn is based on a 500-page book by psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist on the topic of the divided (human) brain.

Other notable work[edit]

Andrew Park was chosen by Bill Gates to illustrate his Gates Foundation lecture on the power of vaccines.


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