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Andrew Poppy (born 29 May 1954, Kent) is an English composer, pianist, and record producer.


  • Cadenza and Matters of Theory from the self-titled LP by The Lost Jockey (1982, Les Disques du Crepuscule)
  • Crude Din from "Professor Slack" EP by The Lost Jockey (1982, Operation Twilight 10"; reissued 1983, Battersea Records 12")
  • The Beating of Wings (1985, ZTT)
  • Alphabed (1987, ZTT)
  • Recordings (1992, Bitter and Twisted Records)
  • Ophelia/Ophelia (1995, Impetus)
  • Rude Bloom (1995, ArtGallery / Wotre Music)
  • Time at Rest Devouring Its Secret (2000, Source Research Recordings)
  • Another Language (with Claudia Brücken ex. Propaganda singer) (2005, There (there))
  • Andrew Poppy on Zang Tuum Tumb - comprises The Beating of Wings, Alphabed, Under the Son (previously unreleased third album for ZTT) plus bonus tracks (2005, ZTT)
  • ...and the Shuffle of Things (2008, Field Radio)
  • Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling (2012, Field Radio)
  • Hoarse Songs (2019, Field Radio)

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • Emre (Dark Matter) (2000)
  • Music from the Edge Vol. 04 (margen Records. mR 0601) Andrew Poppy- Revolution Number Eight: Airport for Joseph Beuys (For Orchestra & Electronic Delays) 11:50


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