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Andrew R. Liddle
Born (1965-06-09) June 9, 1965 (age 51)
Glasgow, Scotland
Nationality British
Fields Astrophysics
Institutions Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Edinburgh University
Sussex University
Imperial College, London
Alma mater Glasgow University
Doctoral advisor R. Gordon Moorhouse
Doctoral students Vanessa Smer (13)
Gemma J. Anderson (11)
Mafalda Dias (09)
Jonathan Frazer (09)
Sheng Li (09)
Soo A. Kim (08)
Martin Sahlen (08)
Marina Cortes (05)
Cedric Pahud (05?)
Anupam Mazumdar (00)
Samuel M. Leach (99)
Michael Malquarti (99?)
Anne M. Green (98)
Pedro T.P. Viana (96)
Ian J. Grivell (95?)

Andrew R. Liddle (born 9 June 1965) is Professor of astrophysics at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, as of 2013. Publications include books and over 260 papers.

Liddle is a theoretical cosmologist and is interested in understanding the properties of our Universe and how these relate to fundamental physical laws.

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Andrew Liddle's research is on various aspects of cosmology and astrophysics, and in particular he is interested in the origin and evolution of structure in the Universe, with special focus on models and observational constraints on the inflationary cosmology, physics of the cosmic microwave background, and the use of galaxy clusters as cosmological probes.

His areas of research include:

  • The origin and evolution of structure in the Universe
  • Models of and observational constraints on the inflationary cosmology
  • Physics of the cosmic microwave background
  • Dark energy in the Universe.

He is involved in several international projects, including the Planck satellite, the Dark Energy Survey, and the XMM Cluster Survey.

Prior to his position at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh he was a professor of cosmology at University of Sussex in Brighton


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