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Andrew Rossos

Andrew Rossos is Canadian Macedonian historian, Professor at the University of Toronto.


Rosos was born in the village of Moschochori, Florina, Greece in 1941. During the civil war in Greece in 1948 he was evacuated in Czechoslovakia as a refugee child. Rossos studied at primary school in Sobotin and Technical School in Prague. In 1958 he moved with the rest of his family to Canada. He graduated at high school in Toronto. Rossos earned a bachelor's degree in history at Michigan State University in 1963. Rossos graduated postacademic degree and was awarded by the University of Stanford with a Ph.D. in 1971. Since then he has worked at the University of Toronto, and in 1982 became Professor there.[1] Rossos is author of a monograph on Russian foreign policy on the Balkans ("Russia and the Balkans: Inter-Balkan Rivalries and Russian Foreign Policy, 1908-1914"). At the end of 2008 was issued his book "Macedonia and the Macedonians: A History". Rosos is adherent of the views espoused by the national historiography of the Republic of Macedonia,[2] which is highly politicized, because Macedonian nation-building process has not yet been accomplished.[3]


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Selected publications[edit]

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