Andrew Seow

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Andrew Seow
Chinese name 蕭乙銘 (traditional)
Chinese name 肖乙铭 (simplified)
Pinyin Xiāo Yǐmíng (Mandarin)
Birth name Seow Ee Meng
Born 1st January
Other name(s) Andrew
Occupation Actor, Model, Director
Years active 1996-present

Andrew Seow (Chinese: 肖乙铭; pinyin: Xiāo Yǐmíng) is a Singaporean actor, celebrity, model and media personality.

Seow was a model in Singapore and Asia before becoming an actor on local television. He is best known for his role as the fiery tempered eldest son in the family drama series, Growing Up on MediaCorp TV Channel 5, earning him the Best Newcomer in the annual Asian Television Awards. Seow has also starred in numerous Chinese dramas on Channel 8, garnering several nominations in the annual Star Awards.

He studied at Catholic High School and St. Patrick's School. He earned an Advanced Diploma in fashion design, jewellery design and merchandising from LaSalle College.


  • 1996
    • Best Newcomer in a Drama Series at Asian Television Awards '96 (Growing Up)
  • 1997
    • First runner-up for Best Actor in Asian Television Awards '97 (Triple Nine)
  • 2004
    • Best Supporting Actor in Star Awards 2004 (Man at Forty)



  • 1999
    • Can I Help You
  • 2001
    • My Genie 我爱精灵
  • 2003
    • My Genie 2 我爱精灵 II


  • Cat Welfare Society Educational Video


  • 2002
    • Close: In Your Face by The Necessary Stage