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Andrew Thomson (1814 at Sanquhar – 1901) was a British biographer, well known for his books on the lives of pre-eminent ministers, and for his book on his travels in the Holy Land and noted for his preface to the Scottish poet, Robert Pollok's "Tales of the Covenanters".

Thomson should not be confused with the 'other' Andrew Thomson, also of Edinburgh, who was prominent in the Disruption of 1843. This Thomson was known as of "Broughton Place" and the other one was of "Free St. George's".[1]


  • Great missionaries : a series of biographies 1862
  • Life of Principal Harper 1882
  • Thomas Boston of Ettrick : his life and times 1895
  • Great missionaries : a series of biographies 1870
  • Historical sketch of the origin of the Secession Church 1848
  • The Life of Dr. Owen
  • The Sabbath Andrew Thomson - History - 1863
  • Home life in ancient Palestine: or, Studies in the Book of Ruth Andrew Thomson - 1877
  • In the Holy Land - 1875
  • Discourses - 1868
  • Samuel Rutherford 1884
  • James Darling: a memorial sketch 1891
  • Life of John Owen, D.D. 1853
  • In the Holy land: A Journey Through Palestine 1894
  • The New Acts of the Apostles, Or, The Marvels of Modern Missions: A Series of Lectures Upon the ...


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