Andrew W. Marlowe

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Andrew W. Marlowe (on left) and Rob Bowman (on right)
Andrew W. Marlowe
Other namesAndrew Marlowe
Occupationauthor, screenwriter, producer

Andrew W. Marlowe (sometimes Andrew Marlowe) is an American screenwriter. Marlowe lives in Los Angeles with wife and fellow screenwriter Terri Edda Miller; she has two children from her first marriage.


Marlowe graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English Literature, and attended the University of Southern California where he obtained his MFA in Screenwriting.


He won the Nicholl Fellowship award for screenwriting for his script The Lehigh Pirates. Apogee, a space-based adventure he wrote soon after, sold for $500,000. He went on to write Air Force One, End of Days and Hollow Man.

He wrote the unproduced scripts Hammer Down, Alien Prison and a Western intended for Harrison Ford and John Woo. He is the creator and executive producer of the ABC TV series Castle, which he also frequently wrote.[1] He also created the TV series Take Two.[2][3]

He is working on two film screenplays, Manhunt and a film adaptation of the comic book character Nick Fury.


Marlowe is purportedly the ghostwriter (or co-writer) of Heat Wave, a mystery novel published September 28, 2009, attributed to the fictional Richard Castle—the title character of the Castle TV series; the novel itself is a plot element in the show. The author acknowledges Marlowe's wife Terri E. Miller as "my partner in crime". The book debuted at number 26 on The New York Times Best Seller list.[4]


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