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Andrew Wynter (1819- 12 May 1876, Chiswick) was an English physician and author.

Born in Bristol, Wynter studied medicine at St George's Hospital and set up a London practice. He edited the British Medical Journal 1845-60, took a M.D. in 1853 and became a member of the College of Physicians in 1861. Wynter was a frequent contributor to periodicals, including Ainsworth's Magazine, the Cornhill Magazine, Fraser's Magazine, the Edinburgh Review, the Quarterly Review, the London Review, Good Words, and Once a Week. Many of his contributions were collected and reissued as books. As a doctor, Wynter specialized in insanity, taking wealthy patients as residents at his Chiswick home.


  • Pictures of Town from my Mental Camera (1855), by 'Werdna Retnyw'
  • Odds and Ends from an Old Drawer (1855), by 'Werdna Retnyw'
  • Curiosities of Civilisation: being Essays from the Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviews (1860)
  • Our Social Bees: Pictures of Town and Country, and other Essays (1861)
  • Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers: being some of the Chisel-Marks of our Industrial and Scientific Progress (1863; 1877 enlarged ed., revised by Andrew Steinmetz)
  • Curiosities of Toil (1870)
  • Peeps into the Human Hive (1874, 2 vols)
  • Fruit between the Leaves (1875, 2 vols)
  • The Borderlands of Insanity and other Allied Papers (1875; 1877 enlarged ed., revised by J. M. Granville)


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