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Andrew Yule (2 November 1834 – 1902) was a businessman who founded Andrew Yule and Co.

Early life[edit]

Andrew was born in Stonehaven-Fetteresso, Scotland, the third and youngest son of Robert Yule, a clothier, by his wife Elizabeth. He had two older brothers, David and George. His eldest brother David (father of Sir David Yule, eventual heir of all the family's enterprises) was a writer who also worked as a cashier at Register House in Edinburgh.[1]


Andrew and his brother George moved from Scotland to Manchester around 1855. Three years later, in 1858, they formed a partnership as warehousemen.[1] The same year (1858), encouraged by profits to be made in colonial trade, Andrew moved to India.

One of the first businesses he established in India was the Hoolungpooree Tea company. In 1866, he formed Andrew Yule and Co and established operations in Calcutta.[1] He also acted as trade representative for several companies. By 1875, he had established interests in jute, cotton and coal as well as in tea. That year (1875), his brother George and nephew David (son of his eldest brother, also named David) moved to India from England and settled there.[1]

Andrew visited England frequently and finally retired to that country in 1888, settling in Dulwich (now a part of London). Andrew Yule died in 1902.[2]