Andrew of Trier

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Saint Andrew of Trier
Portable triptych of Saint Andrew in the treasury of the Cathedral of Trier.jpg
Triptych of Saint Andrew in Cathedral of Trier (1150)
Bishop of Trier
Died 235
Venerated in

Roman Catholic Church

Orthodox Church
Canonized Pre-congregation
Feast 13 January

Andrew of Trier is listed as the twelfth Bishop of Trier.[1] He is sometimes listed as a martyr[2] and is considered a Pre-congregational saint.[3] Very little is known of his life but he is one of a number of bishops in that time. The rapid succession of Bishop names in the 5th century indicates the troubled times in the period of transition from the Roman Empire to Frankish rule in Trier. Trier itself was taken in 496 by the Frankish.

He is considered a saint and is venerated in Trier with a feast day on 13 January.[4]