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Andrey Viktorovich Gubin, Russian: Андрей Викторович Губин, real surname Valerevich Klementyev (Валерьевич Клементьев) (born 30 April 1974 in Ufa) is a Russian pop-singer, poet, composer, and record producer.

Early years[edit]

Andrey Gubin's family moved to Moscow in 1983. His family wandered about Moscow because of constant lack of money. Andrey Gubin's father worked as a research worker and caricaturist for many Soviet magazines. Andrey Gubin was fond of sports but after breaking the leg his career stopped.

Musical career[edit]

Andrey Gubin is a truly self-made musician. His first album I am a hobo of 200 copies was released when he was 15. Gubin's second and third album Ave Maria and Prince and Princess respectively were the start of his career. His first performance on stage with his first hit "Boy-Wanderer" was in 1994.

Andrey Gubin pursued a successful solo career and scored several hits in Russia in the 1990s, including "Зима-холода" (Winter frost), "Ночь" (Night) and "Танцы" (Dances).


Russian name Translation Year
Мальчик-бродяга Stray Boy 1995
Только ты Only You 1998
Было, но прошло Was, but No Longer 2000
Облака Clouds 2000
Compilation 2001
Всегда с тобой Always with You 2002
Время романтиков Time of the Lovers 2004
Compilation 2008