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Andrey Piontkovsky, 2011

Andrey Andreyevich Piontkovsky (born June 30, 1940, Moscow) is Russian scientist and political writer and analyst.[1]

He graduated from the Mathematics Department of Moscow State University and has published more than a hundred scientific papers on applied mathematics.

He was an Executive Director of the Strategic Studies Center (Moscow) think tank that has been closed since 2006. He contributes regularly to Novaya Gazeta, the Moscow Times, Russia Journal and the online journals[2] and Transitions Online.[3] He is also a regular political commentator for the BBC World Service and Radio Liberty in Moscow. He has been an outspoken critic of Putin's "managed" democracy in Russia and, as such, has described Russia as a "soft totalitarian regime."[4]

Piontkovsky is a member of the American Mathematical Society and the International Writers Association's PEN Club.

Piontkovsky is the author of several books on the Putin presidency in Russia, including his most recent book, Another Look Into Putin's Soul.[5][6]

Piontkovsky is one of the 34 first signatories of the online anti-Putin manifesto "Putin Must Go", published on 10 March 2010. In his subsequent articles he has repeatedly stressed its importance and urged citizens to sign it.[7]

In his Russian language article 'Вечный Пиндос' he in expletive terms likened the attitude to the Americans to the attitude to Jews expressed in Joseph Goebbels sponsored Nazi-era film The Eternal Jew.[8] Piontkovsky writes, "Eternal Pindos is our Eternal Jew. We need him not as enemy prostrated, trampled and degraded, but as an uncle in a cork helmet armed to the teeth who penetrates our Eurasian core of the world, steals our cutting-edge nanotechnologies, corrupts our highest spirituality and defiles our unique genetic code."[9]


Another Look into Putin's Soul, Hudson Institute (2006), ISBN 1-55813-151-5

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