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Andrez Bergen
A close up, black-and-white photo of a man's face. He has a half-smoked cigarette in his mouth. He wears light coloured dreadlocks.
Bergen, June 2007
Andrew Simon Bergen

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ResidenceTokyo, Japan
Other namesLittle Nobody, Funk Gadget, Slam-Dunk Ninja
OccupationJournalist[citation needed][dubious ]
Years active1996–present
OrganizationIF? Records, IF? Commix
Known forMusic composition and production, writing, journalism, comic art, comic label and record label owner
Notable work
Pop Tart, Action Hero
StyleDada, Gothic, Hardboiled, Post-punk, Pulp, Industrial, Experimental, Electronic
Home townMelbourne, Australia
Spouse(s)Yoko Umehara
ChildrenCocoa Bergen

Andrez Simon Bergen is an Australian musician, author, journalist, comic artist, and comic label and record label owner. He uses Little Nobody as his primary electronic music production moniker. From 2001 he has lived in Tokyo.

Early life[edit]

Bergen was born in Melbourne, Australia[1] as "Andrew Bergen".[2] Bergen attended Melbourne High School and earned a degree at the University of Melbourne.[3][self-published source?][citation needed]


Bergen composes and produces his own music under multiple monikers, including Little Nobody, Schlock Tactile, DJ Fodder, Curvaceous Crustacean, Slam-dunk Ninja, Atomic Autocrac vs Admiral Anderision, Dick Drone and the LN Elektronische Ensemble, Funk Gadget, and Nana Mouskouri’s Spectacles.[2]

Little Nobody[edit]

Bergen cites the 1970s industrial sounds and ideology of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire as significant influences for his work as Little Nobody: "Since about 15 years ago, when I first heard their album The Voice of America.[4] In 1998, he released his first full-length Little Nobody album, titled Pop Tart.

Andrez Bergen in 2005

Three years later, the second Little Nobody album Action Hero was one of the four "Best Album of the Year" final nominees for 3D World's 2001 Australian Dance Music Awards, of which The Avalanches were the eventual winner.[citation needed] That year, his remix EP of Bare, a collaboration with vocalist Marcella Brassett, was also selected as "Single of the Week" in Melbourne's Beat magazine by reviewer Andrew Mast.[5] Little Nobody also appeared on the second compilation of Si Begg's cut-up beat Noodles Discotheque series in 2001.


In a March 2014 interview, Bergen stated that "writing fiction, especially via novels, remains the overall joy" in his creative life.[6]

In 2011, he published two novels: One Hundred Years of Vicissitude (2012) and Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? (2013) through Perfect Edge Books. Following the publication of Who Is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, Katy O'Dowd wrote on the "In Glorious Technicolor" blog: "Andrez Bergen must never sleep – what with the dayjob, fatherhood, and truly inspiring creative output. I don’t know how he does it, but he does, and still finds the time to be a thoroughly decent fella."[2]

Bergen's fourth novel, Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth, was released on 25 July 2014, and his fifth novel—based on his Roy & Suzie comic series—was published in December 2015 by Roundfire Books.[7]

IF? Commix[edit]

Bergen launched the IF? Commix publishing label in October 2013.[8]

Other work[edit]

Bergen worked on translating and adapting the scripts for feature films by Mamoru Oshii, Kazuchika Kise and Naoyoshi Shiotani.[1] In March 2014, Bergen said that he would be enthused by an offer to write for film or television: "as a journalist I write about movies and anime — so it would be a logical step."[6] When asked to name his favourite film in August 2013, Bergen explained that the decision was a difficult one and listed a series of films that he would like to mould together: Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon, Akira Kurosawa’s Ran, Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress and Norman Jewison’s Rollerball.[2]


When asked in 2014 about sources of inspiration, Bergen replied: "Everywhere? From anything? My daughter is inspiring, my wife, my friends. Living in Japan, and my memories of Australia. From listening to particular music and hearing particular sounds." Bergen stated that he "always loved the sense of mischief as well as iconoclasm and inventiveness" of the Dada art movement, including the work of Salvador Dali, while he named Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" (1917) as his favorite art piece in 2014.[8]

In terms of music, Bergen stated that his favourite album is either Cabaret Voltaire’s Voice of America (1980) or David Bowie’s collaboration with Brian Eno on Heroes (1977). In revealing his most significant musical references, Bergen also spoke of his preference for the vinyl format, explaining that his favourite albums would need to be "played on vinyl for the extra added crackle and pop".[2]

Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett are Bergen's foremost literary "heroes"—in 2013 Bergen cited Chandler’s The Big Sleep and Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon as his all-time favorite books. However, throughout Bergen's writing career he has also identified numerous artists who have influenced his short story, comic, novel and graphic novel work: Michael Chabon, Shuichi Yoshida, Jedediah Berry, Heath Lowrance, Josh Stallings, Nicholas Christopher, Ryu Murakami, Katsuhiro Otomo, Will Eisner, Hergé, Alan Moore, Ed Brubaker, Jack Kirby ("I grew up at the altar of Jack Kirby"), Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko, Steve Epting, Yukito Kishiro, Tarpé Mills, Frank Miller, David Aja, Kazuo Umezu, Joe Kubert, Hayao Miyzaki, Masamune Shirow, Barry Windsor-Smith, David Lloyd, Sean Phillips, Walter Geovani and Matteo Scalera.[6][8]

Personal life[edit]

Bergen lives in Tokyo, Japan with his wife, Yoko Umehara, and their daughter Cocoa.[1]


Little Nobody/Andrez Bergen[edit]

  • Solid Gold Collectibles, & Then Some EP (1997) So!! Muzik
  • Pop Tart album (1998), IF? Records
  • Action Hero album (2000), IF? Records
  • Bare EP (2000), IF? Records
  • Cocaine Speaking remixes (2000), IF? Records
  • Reaction Hero remix album (2001), IF? Records
  • Boastward Ho EP (2001), Fitja Records
  • Pop Tart mixes (2002), IF? Records
  • Depth Charge EP (2003), Fitja Records
  • Crotch It EP (2004), TTAK
  • Eating The Heart Of The Fishes EP (2005), IF? Records
  • Plus / Minus EP (2007), TTAK
  • The Slack Plague EP (2007), IF? Records
  • Game Over: Variations EP (2008), IF? Records
  • Techelectric Tangents Vol. 1 EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Techelectric Tangents Vol. 2 EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Wayward Seafarers EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Double-Click to Play EP (2008), Dead Channel, UK
  • Woklurk Orange EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Live In Tokyo EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Remember Radio? LP (2008), Dead Channel, UK
  • Game Over: Reset 140 EP (2008), IF? Records
  • We Call It Crack House – Si Begg Remix EP (2008), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Robota EP (2008), IF? Records & Hypnotic Room
  • Cocaine Speaking Remixes (2008), IF? Records, Elektrax & Hypnotic Room
  • Disquo EP (2008), Hypnotic Room
  • Cocaine Speaking – Mijk van Dijk Remix EP (2008), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Metropolis How? EP (2008), IF? Records
  • I Have Become So Many People I Do Not Know Which Is Myself LP (2009), Dead Channel, UK
  • Eat Tatoo Dead Tiger LP (2009), Auricular Records, USA
  • Game Over: Reboot EP (2009), IF? Records
  • Poiseworks – Shin Nishimura Remix EP (2009), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Kapitän "L" EP (2009), IF? Records
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl #4 EP (2009), IF? Records
  • Robota – Jammin' Unit Remix EP (2009), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Robota Remixes EP (2009), Hypnotic Room
  • Jazz Muzak Remixes EP (2009), Elektrax
  • Robota Techo Remixes EP (2009), Elektrax
  • Compulsion – Luke's Anger Remix EP (2009), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Blah Blah – Patrick Pulsinger Remix EP (2009), Hypnotic Room Special Edition
  • Compulsion Remixes LP (2009), IF? Records
  • From The Edge EP (2009), TTAKredefined
  • Like A Sturgeon EP (2009), IF? Records
  • Deeppresso LP (2009), Auricular Records, USA
  • Compulsion Remixes LP (2009), Hypnotic Room
  • Robota Remixes EP (2010), IF? Records
  • Metropolis How? Remixes 12" EP (2010), IF? Gynoid Audio
  • Hackneyed Record Crate LP (2010), Auricular Records, USA
  • Robota 12" EP (2010), IF? Records
  • Get Away From It All 12" EP (2010), IF? Records
  • The Condimental Op 12" EP (2011), IF? Records
  • Convert To Mono LP (2011), Auricular Records, USA
  • Get Away From It All Remixes EP (2011), Elektrax
  • Hard Foiled LP (2011), IF? Records
  • Disquo Remixes EP (2011), Hypnotic Room
  • Metropolis How? Redux EP (2011), Gynoid Audio
  • Commix Remix Compilation LP (2011), Fountain Music, Japan
  • Troll Remixes EP (2011), Finn Audio, Australia
  • The Thin Flan Remixes EP (2011), Gynoid Audio
  • Linoleum Actress Remixes EP (2011), IF? Records
  • From the Back of the Fridge LP (2011) Auricular Records, USA
  • Definitive Dirge EP (2011) Dead Channel, UK
  • Behind Moisture Crack 12" EP (2011), Slidebar (Germany) with Cristian Vogel, Bill Youngman & Tobias Schmidt
  • Scratch Awl EP (2012), Translucent
  • Project 110624 EP (2012), We Call It Hard, Germany
  • Chrysophylax EP (2012), Envenom, Spain
  • Agitated EP (2013), Kobare, Japan
  • The Knock-Off 12" EP (2014), My Own Jupiter, Spain
  • This is Tokio 2 x 12" EP (2015), My Own Jupiter, Spain

Other monikers[edit]

  • Live, Sorted & Tauted (LN Elektronische Ensemble, 2001), IF? Records
  • Mitanime Remixes EP (Schlock Tactile, 2003), IF? Records
  • Ninja Daddy EP (Slam-dunk Ninja, 2007), IF? Records
  • Live, Sorted & Tauted: Rewound & Unstrung (LN Elektronische Ensemble, 2008), IF?
  • Blah Blah Remixes EP (Funk Gadget, 2008), IF? Records
  • Rewind EP (Curvaceous Crustacean, 2008), IF? Records
  • Suicidio EP (Conversational Dentures, 2008), IF? Records
  • Split 12-inch, Minus Vinyl EP (Little Bitches, 2009), IF? Records
  • Love Me Slender EP (Schlock Tactile, 2009), Hypnotic Room
  • Suicidio Plus+ EP (Conversational Dentures, 2009), IF? Records
  • Your Soul Is Mine EP (Psyborg-9, 2009), Elektrax
  • Broken Piano EP (DJ Fodder, 2009), IF? Records
  • Blah Blah Remixes EP (Funk Gadget, 2010), Slidebar Recordings


  • Zeitgeist 2 (1996), IF? Records
  • Zeitgeist 3 (1997), IF? Records
  • Sunblock (1998), Sunblock/MDS
  • Dance Your Pants Off! (1998), Australian Dance Music Conference
  • Dragonflight 99 (1999), Dragonflight
  • Hemphouse (1999), Sense Recordings
  • Beatscootin (1999), Groovescooter
  • ZOO (2000), IF? Records
  • Every Picture Tells A Story, Vol. 3 (2000), MUD
  • Noodles Discotheque, Vol. 2 (2001), Noodles (UK)
  • 909001 EP (2001), Nine09
  • Esoteric Psikology (2001), Nine09
  • Kiss FM: Sounds of Australia (2001), Shock
  • Beatworkz, Vol. 2 (2001), Organarchy
  • Exasperation Flicka (2003), Fitja Records
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  • Slam-dunk Ninja: The Perspicacious Remix Selection (2008), IF? Records
  • Z-13 (2008), IF? Records
  • Suburbia Remixes (2008), Elektrax (Australia)
  • We Too Are You (2008), IF? Records
  • TTAKredefined 1 (2008), TTAKredefined (Japan)
  • TTAKredefined 2 (2009), TTAKredefined (Japan)
  • Zen Lounge (2009), Hypnotic Room (Australia)
  • Lego Project 1 (2009), Dead Channel (UK)
  • Auricular Audio Magazine #14 (2009), Auricular Records (USA)
  • Compulsion Remixes (2009), Hypnotic Room (Australia)
  • Iffy Bizness (2009), Hypnotic Room (Australia)
  • IF100 (2009), IF? Records
  • Iffy Bizness Vol. 2 (2010), Hypnotic Room (Australia)
  • Is Your MP3 Player Ready? Weird Fodder From The Coffers (2010), IF? Records
  • Behind Moisture Crack (2011), Vinyl 12" also feat. Cristian Vogel, Tobias Schmidt & Bill Youngman, Slidebar (Germany)
  • AUX 88 presents BLACK TOKYO – Remix Sessions 2 (2011), vinyl 12" also feat. Aux 88, Gez Varley & Arne Weinberg, Puzzlebox (USA)



  • Bergen, Andrez (2011), Young, Kristopher, ed., Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, Portland, Oregon: Another Sky Press, ISBN 978-0-9845597-2-5
  • Bergen, Andrez (2012), One Hundred Years of Vicissitude, Washington, USA: Perfect Edge Books, ISBN 978-1-78099-598-4
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  • Bergen, Andrez (2015), Small Change: a Casebook of Scherer and Miller, Investigators of the Paranormal and Supermundane, Winchester, UK: Roundfire Books, ISBN 978-1-78535-219-5
  • Bergen, Andrez (2016), Bullet Gal, Winchester, UK: Roundfire Books, ISBN 978-1-78535-562-2

Short stories[edit]

Graphic novels[edit]

  • Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat: the Graphic Novel (published 31 July 2014)[9]
  • Bullet Gal: It's Not You, It's Me (2015)

Comic books[edit]

  • Tales to Admonish - illustrated by Matt Kyme (2013)
  • Tales to Admonish 2 - illustrated by Matt Kyme (2014)[9]
  • Bullet Gal #1-12 (2014–15)[10] Note: novelised and published as a book in 2016 (see above).[11]
  • Trista & Holt - ongoing series (2015)


  • Solarcide Presents: Nova Parade (2012)
  • Pulp Ink 2 (2012)
  • Off The Record 2 - At The Movies - A Charity Anthology (2012)
  • Crime Factory: Hard Labour (2012)
  • Weird Noir (2012)
  • Horror Factory (2012)
  • Solarcide Presents: Nova Parade (2012)
  • Somewhere in the Shadows (2012)
  • Uncanny Adventures (2013)
  • All Due Respect: The Anthology (2013)
  • Big Pulp: Catskin (2013)
  • The Tobacco-Stained Sky: An Anthology of Post-apocalyptic Noir (2013)
  • SuperHERo Tales: A Collection of Female Superhero Stories (2013)
  • Black/White (2014)[9]


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