Andrii Abazyn

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Andrii Abazyn
Portrait of Andrii Abazyn by unknown author
Born 1634
Died 1703
Allegiance Ukrainian
Rank Colonel
Unit Bratslav Regiment
Relations Abaza Mehmet

Andrii Abazyn (1634–1703), a Ukrainian colonel in the Bratslav Regiment and leader of the Cossack formations in Right-Bank Ukraine. His father was an Abazin, Ottoman Grand Vizier Abaza Mehmet. Andrii's mother was daughter of Stanisław Koniecpolski, Polish Grand Crown Hetman.


  • In 1686 - 1687 participated in the joint campaign of the Polish and Cossack troops against Turkish troops in Moldova
  • Between 1691 and 1696 he led the Right-Bank Cossacks against the Tatars and the Turks at the fortresses Kizi-Kerman, Budjak, Ochakov. Close associate of Hetman Samus, Abazyn together with Pavel Mikhnovych defeated Poles at Berdichev
  • In 1695 defeated Tatars under the Breslov
  • During the anti-Polish rebellion between 1702 and 1704 he led Cossaks and Podolia inhabitants rebellion against Commonwealth. In late October 1702, together with Hetman Samus troops Andrii Abazin participated in the siege of Bila Tserkva, they took cities of Nemyriv, Bar and others.

He was badly wounded on 20 February 1703 and captured by the Poles. Later he was executed in Shargorod.[1]