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Andritz AG
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IndustryIndustrial processing
Founded1852; 168 years ago (1852)
Key people
Wolfgang Leitner (CEO), Hellwig Torggler (Chairman of the supervisory board)
ProductsTurnkey equipment for hydropower plants, the production of pulp and paper and feed and biofuels; plants for steel production; industrial separation technologies
Revenue€5.889 billion (2017)[1]
€188.4 million (2017)
€265.6 million (2017)
Total assets€6,265 billion (2017)
Total equity€1325.4 million (2017)
Number of employees
DivisionsPulp and Paper, Hydro Power, Metals, Separation, Feed and Biofuel

Andritz AG is an Austrian plant engineering group with headquarters in Graz. The group gets its name from the district of Andritz in which it is located and is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Andritz employs more than 30,000 employees at over 250 production and service facilities. In 2017, the company reported a revenue of €5.88 billion, a gross profit of €3.27 billion and a net profit of €297 million.[2]

Business areas[edit]

Andritz consists of 5 business areas:

  • Andritz Hydro
  • Andritz Pulp and Paper
  • Andritz Metals
  • Andritz Separation
  • Andritz Feed & Biofuel

Andritz Metals[edit]

The business area Andritz Metals (former "Rolling Mills and Strip Processing") is the third largest business unit. Andritz Metals designs, develops and erects complete lines for the production and further processing of cold-rolled carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal strips, including furnaces, presses and acid regeneration equipment.


Highlights in ANDRITZ Hydro’s history[edit]

1805 Foundation of Escher Wyss & Cie, Switzerland

1839 First turbine supplied by Escher Wyss

1878 Invention of first Pelton waterwheel by Pelton

1896 Commissioning of the first large commercial hydropower plant - Niagara Falls, USA

1903 First water turbine of I.P. Morris

1929 Installation of first pumped storage power station in Germany - PSW Niederwartha, Germany

1935 First bulb turbine by Escher Wyss

1991 Installation of world largest manifold - Tarbela, Pakistan

1997 Installation of 840 MVA hydro generator - Three Gorges, China

1998 World record for Pelton - Bieudron, Switzerland

2002 Installation of first Varspeed motor-generator outside Japan - Goldisthal, Germany

2010 Installation of 770 MW Francis turbine - Guri II, Venezuela

2011 Installation of world largest tidal power plant - Sihwa, Korea

2011 Successful commercial operation of the first 1MW tidal current turbine HS1000 in EMEC, UK

2013 Installation of world largest Hydromatrix units – Ashta, Albania

2000 -[edit]

In March 2000, the company acquired a 50 percent stake in Finland's Ahlstrom Machinery Group from the A. Ahlstrom Corporation, a manufacturer of chemical pulp plants and other pulp processing machinery. As part of the purchase agreement, Andritz also received the option of purchasing full control of Ahlstrom Machinery in the event of Andritz going public. In the meantime, Ahlstrom Machinery was renamed Andritz-Ahlstrom and placed under Andritz's Pulp and Paper division.

Following the IPO, Andritz made good on completing its acquisition of full control of Andritz-Ahlstrom, buying up the rest of that subsidiary in July 2001.[citation needed] Another large acquisition was the purchase of the hydroelectric power division of VA Technologie AG in 2006, as a consequence of a decision of the EU commission in the acquisition of VA Technologie AG by Siemens AG. Experts estimated the price at €200 million. The VA Tech Hydro unit changed its name to Andritz VA Tech Hydro GmbH and became a subsidiary of Andritz AG. With 3000 employees and sales of €620 million, the unit increased the size of Andritz by one third, becoming the company's second-largest business.[3][4]

In May and June 2008, Andritz acquired hydropower technology and certain assets of GE Energy’s hydropower business (including test laboratories in Canada and Brazil), as well as GE Energy’s majority interest in the joint venture GE Hydro Inepar do Brasil. Since January 2009, all these acquisitions now operate under "Andritz Hydro" name. Andritz Hydro ranks among the 3 largest hydro companies (with Alstom and Voith-Siemens) with historical references back from 19th century by the acquisition over the years of the following companies and technologies, on which the Andritz Hydro group is the legal successor:

  • ACM - Vevey, Switzerland
  • AFI, Canada
  • Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton, USA
  • Bell, Switzerland
  • Bouvier, France
  • Bouvier-Darling, USA
  • Charmilles, Switzerland
  • Dominion Engineering Works, Canada
  • Dominion Bridge, Canada
  • Escher Wyss & Cie., Switzerland
  • Ge Hydro, Canada
  • Hemi Controls, Canada
  • I.P.Morris, USA
  • KMPT Ag, Germany[5]
  • KMW, Sweden
  • Lorenzo Avila, Brazil
  • Pedro Molinari, Brazil
  • Nohab, Sweden
  • Pelton Waterwheel, USA
  • Sulzer Hydro, USA
  • Tampella, Finland
  • Voest-Alpine Maschinenbau Gmbh, Austria
  • Voest-Alpine Ag, Austria
  • Voest-Alpine Mce, Austria
  • Va Tech Voest Mce, Austria
  • Va Tech Escher Wyss, Germany
  • Va Tech Escher Wyss, Italy
  • Va Tech Escher Wyss, Spain
  • Va Tech Hydro, Switzerland
  • Va Tech Bouvier Hydro, France
  • Va Tech Hydro, Canada
  • Va Tech Escher Wyss, Mexico
  • Va Tech Hidro, Brazil
  • Va Tech Hydro Usa Corporation
  • Va Tech Hydro, Indonesia
  • Va Tech Hydro Flovel, India
  • Va Tech Hydro, China
  • Waplans, Sweden


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