Android Apocalypse

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Android Apocalypse
Android Apocalypse DVD cover
Directed byPaul Ziller
Produced byKim Berlin
Meyer Shwarzstein
Gail Tilson
Written byKarl Schiffman
StarringScott Bairstow
Joseph Lawrence
Chris Jericho
Music byTodd Bryanton
CinematographyMark Dobrescu
Edited byArthur Tarnowski
Distributed byBrainstorm Media (USA) / Inferno Distribution (International)
Release date
June 24, 2006 (2006-06-24)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Android Apocalypse (also known as Facing Extinction) is a 2006 science fiction film starring Scott Bairstow and Joseph Lawrence. The film was written by Karl Schiffman and directed by Paul Ziller for Sci Fi Channel as a television film. It is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth that is ruled by androids, and explores the relationship between a human, Jute (Bairstow), and an android, DeeCee (Lawrence) who is beginning to develop emotions.


On an android-controlled, post-apocalyptic Earth a human man named Jute (Bairstow) is convicted of murdering an android. Deecee (Lawrence) is an android who is beginning to develop human emotion, and is being transported to an android-run prison facility along with Jute. While in transit, their police vehicle is attacked. Jute and Deecee escape and are forced into a strained alliance in order to survive in the harsh deserts of the world. As these two characters flee android authorities they stumble upon a genocidal plot being orchestrated by the leader of the androids, who hopes to rid the planet of human life forever.


  • Scott Bairstow as Jute
  • Joseph Lawrence as DeeCee
  • Chris Jericho as TeeDee
  • Troy Skog as Varrta
  • Wendy Anderson as Mrs. Carlson
  • Brian Hlushko as Eric Carlson
  • Mike O'Brien as Link Hamilton
  • Amy Matysio as Rachael
  • Shannon Jardine as Joy
  • Corey Livingstone as Borka
  • Anne Nahabedian as Tranc
  • Aidan Simpson as Polton
  • JJ Elliott as Night Club goer


Android Apocalypse was a television film produced for the Sci-Fi Channel. It was first aired on the 24th of June, 2006. Previously viewed DVD copies have been available at some Dollar Tree stores.


Android Apocalypse was not received well by critics or the public. It was given mediocre reviews and remains fairly unpopular.[1][2]


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