Android Cop

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Android Cop
Android Cop.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Mark Atkins
Produced by
Music by Chris Ridenhour
Edited by
Mark Atkins
Distributed by The Asylum
Release dates
  • February 4, 2014 (2014-02-04)[1]
Country United States
Language English

Android Cop is an American science fiction action film produced by The Asylum and directed by Mark Atkins. The film stars Michael Jai White, Charles S. Dutton, Randy Wayne and Kadeem Hardison. It is a mockbuster of RoboCop.[1][2]


In the year 2045, a Los Angeles Police Department detective and his new partner - a state of the art crimefighting robot cop - are tasked with recovering a runaway Telepresence android containing the consciousness of the Mayor's daughter, who remains unaware that she is a human mind in a machine body. Their investigation takes the unlikely partners into the heart of the Zone - a vast, irradiated section of California created by earthquakes years earlier - where they recover the Mayor's daughter but are betrayed by corrupt fellow officers, forcing the trio to fight their way out of the Zone through mutant ghettos, gang territories, and even the LAPD itself.



The film was released direct-to-video and video-on-demand on February 4, 2014 in the United States. In the tradition of The Asylum's catalog, Android Cop is a mockbuster of the 2014 MGM/Columbia Pictures remake of RoboCop.[1]


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