Andrzej Artur Zamoyski

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Andrzej Artur Zamoyski
Andrzej Zamoyski (1800-1874).PNG
Coat of arms Jelita
Wife Róża Potocka
Family Zamoyski
Father Stanisław Kostka Zamoyski
Mother Zofia Czartoryska
Born 2 April 1800
Died 29 October 1874(1874-10-29) (aged 74)

Count Andrzej Artur Zamoyski (2 April 1800 – 29 October 1874) was a Polish nobleman, landowner and political and economic activist.

Zamoyski organized meetings of landowners (Klemensowczycy) at his Klemensów estate in the Polish Congress Poland. In 1842 he became co-publisher of the Rocznik Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Polish Farming Annual). In 1848 he founded the Steam Navigation Company and thereafter monopolized transport on the Vistula River. He also initiated the building of steamships and barges. He was the founder and chairman of an Agricultural Society.

Zamoyski was an opponent of Aleksander Wielopolski and a principal figure in the Biali (Whites) political faction. Exiled in September 1863, he settled in France, becoming part of the Polish Great Emigration. In 1872 he was inducted into the Polish Academy of Learning.

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