Andrzej Celiński

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Andrzej Celiński

Andrzej Bohdan Celiński (pronounced [ˈandʐɛi̯ t͡sɛˈliɲski]; born 26 February 1950 in Warsaw) is a Polish socialist politician representing the ideological arm of the post-communist side of Polish political scene (SLD) that has been formed after 1989 and a member of the Sejm and Senate and ex Minister of Culture.

He is now member of Social Democracy of Poland (SdPl), and previously Democratic Left Alliance and Freedom Union. As Sejm Member he is a member of Left and Democrats caucus.

He is a graduate of University of Warsaw (social sciences). After this he became prominent member of independent scouting movement, Workers' Defence Committee and later Solidarity. He was one of the leaders of independence movement.

Elected Senator from Solidarity he served from 1989 to 1993 (two terms). He later became Sejm member (1993-2005).

Originally a member of the Democratic Union and Freedom Union, where he was a member of left-wing, be joined Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) in 1999.

He was one of the party vice chairmen. After SLD electoral victory he was named Minister of Culture in Leszek Miller's cabinet. He served in the government from 19 October 2001 until 6 July 2002.

He left SLD with a group of fellow MP's, led by Sejm Marshal Marek Borowski and created new party - SdPl. He lost re-election to Sejm in 2005 and SdPl lost all seat as well. However, after SLD, SdPl, Labor Union and Democratic Party created coalition Lewica i Demokraci, he returned to the Sejm.[1]

Celiński is a nephew of Jan Józef Lipski, socialist and opposition leader.[2]


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