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Andrzej Stanisław Julian Dunajewski (in German literature known as Andreas Dunajewski) (August 3, 1908, Wola Justowska - August 1944 ) was a Polish zoologist and ornithologist.

Born in Wola Justowska to Stanisław Dunajewski and Zofia from Madeyski, Andreas went to school in Vienna where his father worked before moving to Poland, graduated from the Junior High School and went on to study in Kraków at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University. His master's thesis work was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Henryk Hoyer and was on lymphatic vessels. One of his findings was the suggestion that the caudal heart of fish pumped lymph, a theory that is no longer considered valid.[1] He worked in the national zoological museum as an assistant to Janusz Domaniewski from 1933 to 1939 and worked briefly in Berlin with Prof. Erwin Stresemann. He received a doctorate from the University of Warsaw but joined the resistance during the war and fought in the Warsaw Uprising and died, possibly in a chemical attack, along with his wife and daughter in the Old Town.[2][3]

His work was mainly on bird taxonomy and on bird research in Wołyń and Czarnohora, and near Włoszczowa.

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