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Andrzej Nowak.

Andrzej Nowak (born 1960) is a Polish historian and publicist. Professor of Jagiellonian University and Business College - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz, former (1996) visiting professor of East-Central European history at Rice University. Member of Polish Academy of Sciences, where he is the director of Department of Russian and Soviet Studies. Chief editor of socio-cultural magazine (bi-monthly) "Arcana". Member of the Advisory Board of Polskie Radio since 1998.

Author of four books, some 60 historical publications (articles and studies) in scientific periodicals and dozens of articles, reviews and interviews, including many in the underground publications up to 1989.

His main research areas are cultural and political history and thought of Eastern Europe in 19th and 20th centuries, political philosophy; international political relations; modern mass-media. He is considered one of top Polish experts on past and present Polish-Russian relations.


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