Andrzej Poniatowski

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Andrzej Poniatowski
Andrzej Poniatowski.jpg
Born (1735-07-16)16 July 1735
Died 3 March 1773(1773-03-03) (aged 37)
Vienna, Austria
Noble family Poniatowski
Spouse(s) Maria Teresa Kinsky
Father Stanisław Poniatowski
Mother Konstancja Czartoryska

Prince Andrzej Poniatowski (16 July 1734/5 - Vienna, 3/5 March 1773) was a Polish nobleman (Szlachcic), General and Field Marshal.

Andrzej was a son of Count Stanisław Poniatowski, Castellan of Kraków, and Princess Konstancja Czartoryska, the brother of King Stanisław August Poniatowski of Poland and the father of Józef Antoni Poniatowski.

He became Starost of Pieńsk (starost prenski), Lieutenant-General in 1760 and Field Marshal in 1771 both in Austrian service and disguised himself during the Seven Years' War. In 1764 he came back to Poland and supported his brother in the royal elections in Poland. The Coronation Sejm awarded him the Polish title of Prince on 4 December 1764, Empress Maria Theresa on 10 December 1765 the Bohemian title of Prince, and Emperor Joseph II the Austrian title of Prince. He was also starost prenski.

He married on 3 May 1761 Maria Theresia Gräfin Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (14 February 1736/1740 - 25 September 1806), daughter of Leopold-Ferdinand Graf Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (Chlumec nad Cidlinou (Chlumetz), 17 January 1713 – 24 October 1760) and wife (married in Vienna, 6 September 1734) Maria Teresa Capece dei Marchesi di Rofrano (3 June 1715 – 12 November 1778) by whom he had a daughter, Maria Teresa (baptized on 28 November 1760 – Tours, 2 November 1834), married in 1778 Wincenty Tyszkiewicz (? - 1816), referendarz wielki litewski, and a son, Józef Antoni Poniatowski.



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