Andrzej Sekuła

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Andrzej Sekuła
Born 1954 (age 63–64)
Wrocław, Poland
Occupation Cinematographer, Director

Andrzej Sekuła (born December 19, 1954) is a Polish cinematographer and film director, best known for his work on various critically acclaimed films throughout the 1990s.[1]


Born in Wrocław, Poland in 1954, he emigrated to Los Angeles in 1980. After working on several short films, he shot his first feature-length theatrical film in the form of Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut Reservoir Dogs. He would go on to shoot Tarantino's 1994 Best Picture-nominated Pulp Fiction. He made his directorial debut with the 1998 thriller Fait Accompli. Other films shot by him include American Psycho, Hackers, Vacancy, and Armored.



Film director[edit]


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