Andrzej Trzaskowski

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Andrzej Trzaskowski (23 March 1933 – 16 September 1998) was a Polish jazz composer and musicologist.[1]

Selected recordings[edit]

  • The Wreckers (1960, Muza 0133)
  • Polish Jazz Vol. 4 (1965, Muza 0258)
  • Andrzej Trzaskowski Sextet Featuring Ted Curson "Seant" (1966, Muza 0378)


  1. ^ Poland. Polish Interpress Agency (10): 42. 1968. The composer's genuine jazz temperament is subjected to the rigors of strict intellectual discipline ... It might be added here that Trzaskowski is a musicologist as well and perhaps the best authority on problems of jazz composition.CS1 maint: untitled periodical (link)

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