Andvord Bay

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Andvord Bay is located in Antarctica
Andvord Bay
Location of Andvord Bay in Antarctica
Andvord Bay

Andvord Bay (64°50′S 62°39′W / 64.833°S 62.650°W / -64.833; -62.650Coordinates: 64°50′S 62°39′W / 64.833°S 62.650°W / -64.833; -62.650) is a bay-like fjord, 9 nautical miles (17 km) long and 3 nautical miles (6 km) wide, which lies between Beneden Head and Duthiers Point along the west coast of Graham Land.

It was discovered by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897–99, under Adrien de Gerlache, and named by him for Rolf Andvord, Belgian consul at Christiania (Oslo) at that time.[1]

A popular cruise-ship destination is Neko Harbour,[2][3] which was discovered by Belgian explorer Adrien de Gerlache in the early 20th century. It was named for a Scottish whaling boat, the Neko, which operated in the area between 1911 and 1924.

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